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Event AuctionINCREDIBLE HULK #181
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Grade: CGC NM/M: 9.8
Publisher: Marvel
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Saturday 9/26/2009
Comments: ow/white pgs Label # 0991945001 (please read bidding requirements in listing description)
1st full app. of Wolverine; the Action #1 of the Bronze Age, the most popular 1970s key!
CGC NM/M: 9.8
Born of a desire to diversify the Marvel roster by adding international heroes, and inspired by the feisty, ill-tempered animal that is his namesake, Wolverine quickly became the breakout character of Marvel's Bronze Age, and this first appearance is the closest thing that era has to an Action Comics 1. This book is a demarcation between what came before and what comes after, as this dark, brooding anti-hero flew in the face of all previous conventions and came to define the cynical, haunted heroes of the Bronze and Copper Age. Hands down this is the best-known of all Bronze Age keys, and the first Bronze book to break the $10,000 sales mark.

This copy has stunning corners, a gorgeous spine and great color. What is keeping this book from a 9.9 or a 10, we cannot imagine.

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