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Event AuctionSUPERMAN Issue #14 Cover
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Grade: VG-: 3.5
Publisher: DC
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End Time: 11:38 PM EST
Wednesday 12/1/2010
Comments: Fred Ray, January/February 1942. Approximate image area 12.5" x 17 on 15" x 20" art board (please read bidding requirements in listing description).
SUPERMAN Issue #14 Cover
VG-: 3.5
Without question, Superman 14 is the most important and the most iconic Superman cover artwork still in existence. Known as the patriotic shield cover, this image has been reprinted time and time again. Rarely is one able to gaze upon a piece of art that so perfectly captures a moment in time. A moment made up of one part innocence, one part patriotism and one part pure fantasy escapism. Such were the 1940s.

The artist of this piece, Fred Ray, was the primary Superman cover artist of the 1940's. He was responsible for pencilling and inking both the Superman and Action Comics titles. His redesign of the Superman 'S' evokes the Golden Age Superman for most collectors.

The grade of this cover is VG- on original unrestored illustration board. The art is 100% intact. The main condition issue is the tear at the middle left hand side (tape on back of tear) and the paper loss at the bottom left hand corner of the cover (far away from the actual art). The logo stat is the original 1942 stat. Jerry Robinson feels strongly that the decision to put this simply amazing cover through the proper conservation process should lie with the potential buyer. If the buyer of this cover has interest in having it conserved, ComicConnect will handle that process.

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