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Event AuctionTALES OF SUSPENSE #40
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Grade: CGC NM+: 9.6
Publisher: Marvel
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Friday 3/22/2013
Comments: ow/white pgs
Kirby, Ditko art; 2nd Iron Man; 1st Gold Armor
Highest Graded
CGC NM+: 9.6
As with the Hulk, the first appearance of Iron Man proved a hit with readers but a pain for the production department, as the characters' initial grey armor design proved tough to pick out in the dizzying interior art squeezed into his short but memorable debut. Back to the drawing board, and the simple solution of recoloring his armor into a dazzling expanse of shimmering gold. The look still wasn't complete, and fans of the modern Iron Man will still be puzzled by his utilitarian design, but it was a step closer to perfection, and boy did it pop on the cover. Note, also, that Marvel still wasn't above hedging its bets, laying out this cover to somewhat resemble the monster mash imagery that were its bread and butter before the shift to hero books, especially the cavedude on the right, who looks like he could have wandered in from one of the pre-hero horror covers by accident.

This is the highest graded copy of the 2nd appearance of the Golden Avenger and it's a beauty. The serene grey and sky blue backgrounds are juxtaposed against the strong images of our hero and villain, Gargantus, in the foreground. A stellar copy with a tight, clean spine, great colors and off-white to white pages.

Overstreet Guide 2012 NM- (9.2) value = $5,200

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