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Event AuctionFANTASTIC FOUR 1961-96 #2
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Grade: CGC VF/NM: 9.0
Publisher: Marvel
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Wednesday 8/15/2012
Comments: ow/white pgs
Kirby cvr/art; 1st app. of the Skrulls; 2nd Fantastic Four
CGC VF/NM: 9.0
Who knew that the need for a faddish, sci-fi based villain would result in storylines and mythology spanning across decades? It wasn't as though Lee and Kirby were consciously creating a pop-culture world in the rocky days of early Silver Age Marvel, they were just trying to make fun comics that would sell and attract readers -- but, by following the hyperactive lead of their imaginative audience, they developed a language and style and mythos that carries on to this day, to the movies and beyond. This first appearance of the Skrulls hints at the grandeur and go-for-broke glee of the Marvel Universe to come. A 9.6 copy of Fantastic Four 2? The first appearance of the Skrulls? A classic cover illustration by Jack Kirby? Signed by one Mr. Stan Lee? What are you waiting for? This book is just screaming to be picked up and bought home and placed within the collection of some lucky Fantastic Four fan and marveled at for years to come. Just wait until the franchise is properly rebooted on the silver screen and watch the value skyrocket.

A terrific 9.0 copy with sharp, lovely yellows and crisp blacks, a real treat for FF fans and Marvel Silver Age fanatics.

Overstreet 2011 VF/NM 9.0 value = $7,350.

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