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Event AuctionAVENGERS Issue #495 Cover
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Grade: VF: 8.0
Publisher: Marvel
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Monday 12/3/2012
Comments: Pg. 13, pencils by David Finch and inks by Art Thibert. 11" x 17" From the Lionheart of Avalon story.
AVENGERS Issue #495 Cover
VF: 8.0
David Finch has become renowned as one of the modern age's preeminent cover artists, drafting striking and dramatic images that jump off the page and burn themselves into the memory. His work represents the fine detail and aggressive line work demanded by modern readers, and the exacting, dynamic composition of classic comic art. This imposing piece, nicely showcasing the modern Avengers lineup, features especially strong portraits of Iron Man and Captain America, and has appeal for both modern comic lovers and collectors of classic graphic arts.
The color version of the completed work is shown but not part of the auction.
Pencils by David Finch and Inks by Art Thibert 11" x 17"on original art board, illustrated in 2003. One of David's first published Avengers from nearly 10 years ago, before he began his great runs on Avengers Disassembled and New Avengers with Brian Michael Bendis. Amazing team shot featuring Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Vision and The Wasp.
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