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Event AuctionPRIZE COMICS 1940-48 Issue #68 Interior Page
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Grade: VF: 8.0
Publisher: Prize
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Monday 12/3/2012
Comments: 10" x 13" Pg. 8, with Dick Briefer pencils and inks. Dracula appearance.
PRIZE COMICS 1940-48 Issue #68 Interior Page
VF: 8.0
Prize Comics #68 (Vol. 7 #1) page 8 "Frankenstein" story artwork by Dick Briefer; from the story entitled: "The Vampire from the Painting" (February/March 1948). Original Frankenstein comic art is exceptionally rare. It should also be noted that while there is a very small sampling of Dick Briefer's monster pages from Frankenstein, these comic pages are very small, almost the size of the actual comic. This page is much larger than that, measuring 10"x13" because this is from his earlier work. This page is one of only three surviving pages featuring both Frankenstein's Monster & Count Dracula making this one of the most frightfully rare pieces in this auction.
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