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Monthly AuctionACTION COMICS-1938 #1
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Grade: CGC G: 2.0
Publisher: DC
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End Time: 7:00 PM EST
Wednesday 1/16/2013
Comments: off white pgs Restored, Apparent Ext (A) see notes below
1st Superman by Siegel and Shuster; possibly the most famous and most important comic ever published!
CGC G: 2.0
The most important comic book in the history of comic books. This is the introduction of the archetype of all other heroes to come. Superman transcends comic books and pop culture. He is an icon of Truth, Justice and The American Way! Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superman is quite possibly the most recognizable fictional character in the world. The creation of two struggling sci-fi fans from the Rust Belt, the Man of Steel became an instant icon to depression-era readers, and easily transformed into an icon of American spirit and spunk during the brutal days of WWII. Since then, he has lasted as both a beloved character and a symbol of modern hope and vigor, making this first appearance not just a piece of comics' history, but of American history as well.

Restoration includes: clr tch, pieces added, seals, cleaned, lightened, reinf, stpls replaced (centerfold trimmed) 1st 3, Last 3 & 16th, 17th pgs trimmed to border & re-attached to married edges

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