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Grade: CGC G/VG: 3.0
Publisher: Marvel
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Wednesday 1/16/2013
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Kirby cvr/art; origin & 1st app. Hulk, Rick Jones, Betty Ross, & General Ross; one of the top five Marvel keys!!
CGC G/VG: 3.0
Inspired by Jekyll & Hyde and the Jewish myth of the Golem, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby kept their hot streak running with the big and brutal Hulk. This instantly classic issue preys on Cold War fears of nuclear annihilation and the average American boy's body discomfort and confusion to create one of the most haunting and affecting of hero origins. Initially colored grey in his premier appearance, the lead character was quickly reworked into a big green beast when the primitive four-color printing process mangled the grey color scheme throughout the book, altering the goliath's hue from page to page. The famous cover image still resonates with fans to this day, be it green or grey.

Presented in five parts, this origin story really packs a mean, green punch! After Dr. Bruce Banner becomes exposed to his own invention, the gamma bomb, he undergoes his first transformation into the Hulk. What ensues is a tale of Cold War intrigue involving the interplay between a duo of mutated beings, which packs enough poignancy and torment to make Frankenstein's Monster take notice. This tale struck a chord with readers of the period and The Hulk quickly secured his place at the top of Marvel's popularity pyramid.
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