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Grade: CGC NM/M: 9.8
Publisher: Mirage
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Friday 3/22/2013
Comments: white pgs, 1 of only 3 in census! Rare 1st Printing!
origin and 1st app. of the TMNT; most valuable comic of the Copper Age!
Highest Graded
CGC NM/M: 9.8
Anybody who grew up in the 1980s understands the significance of this comic book. It is the Action 1, the Showcase 4 and Amazing Fantasy 15 of the 80s. Self-published by scrappy creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, this book contains the origin stories of the Ninja Turtles and the Splinter, as well as the introduction of Shredder and the Foot. The moody cover, an homage to Frank Miller's Ronin mini-series, features deep blacks and bloody reds with muscular cross-hatched renditions of our heroes standing ready against the forces of evil. Eastman and Laird's characters were soon to be toned down and made more child-friendly, but in these early books, they pulled no punches on the way to devouring their beloved pizza pies. A Copper Age classic, not many comics can be referred to as that, but this particular issue, one which gave rise to numerous films, cartoons, video games and the like, has truly earned those accolades. This book is notoriously difficult to find in such good condition, the black motif displays creases and dimples as easily as light covers show dirt and stains. With a sequel to the latest iteration of TMNT released upon the world the time is nigh to grab your own copy before the price begins to climb once again.

Don't miss your chance to own a true rarity with only 3,000 copies printed. This book is a true 9.8. It hasn't been pressed, altered or augmented in any way. The consignor bought this as a kid at a comic store in the 80s, stored it safely in a box in his closet for almost 30 years and just this year decided to get it graded. The other two copes sold for $17,925 and $22,752 respectively. Both are off the market, this is the only one available. Overstreet Guide 2012 states In May 2011, a CGC 9.8 sold for $22,752."