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Grade: CGC FN: 6.0
Publisher: DC
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End Time: 7:58 PM EDT
Friday 6/14/2013
Comments: white pgs, Ext(P) ct, pcs added, tr seals, cvr cleaned, int. lightened, reinforced, re-glossed
origin of Superman; 1st four Action stories retold; one of the most famous first issues of the Golden Age!
CGC FN: 6.0
The first name in superheroes has always been Superman. Look, up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's...Superman! Those words have been used to identify the character for decades and the big red "S" is one of the most easily recognized symbols in the world.

As one of the top Golden Age keys, this issue features the origin of DC's most well-known and best-loved hero! Also often overlooked is the historical importance of this book, which showcases three of the most important supporting characters in the Superman pantheon: Ma and Pa Kent, and Lois Lane.

Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superman has enjoyed decades of popularity and been featured in cartoons, serials, movies, and television shows. World-renowned and more popular than ever, Superman will make his silver screen return next summer in Batman Vs. Superman.

With this first issue, DC's staff learned which color was the best to show off their new star's costume, and yellow became the default background hue for Golden Age Super-covers from then on. This nicely restored copy boasts a sunny yellow, making it an attractive copy for the collector seeking an economic opportunity. A great starter for any new Golden Age collection, and a perfect copy for investors seeking a smart buy, which is sure to grow in value along with the market.

Overstreet Guide 2012 FN (6.0) value = $120,000

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