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Grade: CGC VF+: 8.5
Publisher: DC
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Tuesday 6/3/2014
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RARE! 1st Slam Bradley/Spy by Siegel & Shuster
The John Wise Collection
CGC VF+: 8.5
Having practically started the comic book market singlehandedly with the historic New Fun in 1935, Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson partnered with Harry Donenfeld in 1937 to again make history with Detective Comics #1, which launched their new publishing venture as well as kick-started the careers of Superman creators, Siegel and Shuster. The crude Yellow Peril cover helped sell the book to the vital pulp market and hinted at the mysterious yarns spun within. Detective Comics #1 was the beginning of a new beast in print media. Printed more than a year before Action Comics #1, and two ahead of Detective #27, this comic set the stage for a new cast of heroes poised to literarily take on the growing threat of Nazism.

The landmark series that would eventually give birth to the Batman began its run as a pulpy, hard-boiled, jam-packed collection of adventure tales. Featuring a striking cover illustration by Vincent Sullivan with two Siegel and Shuster stories inside, this book is a crucial Golden Age milestone. Destined to become one of the longest-running and recognizable of DC titles, this book is also responsible for giving the nascent imprint their now internationally known moniker. Here is an opportunity to own the book that started it all, in a rare, high-grade copy whose bright, stunning cover art hints at the exotic dangers within. This sinister example of the popular Yellow Peril genre seems to stare into one's soul as the cover's antagonist stands out against a deep red background. This is a rare opportunity to own the first historic issue of a title that would go on to become one of the most influential and longest-running comics in history.

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