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Grade: CGC VF-: 7.5
Publisher: DC
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Wednesday 6/4/2014
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1st app. Justice League of America
Toronto Riverdale Collection
CGC VF-: 7.5
In the Golden Age of comics, National Periodicals (later to become DC) stuffed their most popular characters into a team title, All Star Comics. Not long after the debut of the Justice Society, however, DC editors crafted new material for All Star, with each hero having a solo chapter adding up to a major storyline. When Julius Schwartz struck pay dirt with the Silver Age hero revival, he tasked Gardner Fox with revamping the Justice Society concept in the serial title The Brave and the Bold, and the result was this instant smash hit, which gathered all the major revival heroes into one fantastic title, finally dispensing the anthology format of All Star in favor of a streamlined action comic full of pop and power. Comic readers responded enthusiastically to this debut performance, leading to a great scarcity of this issue in higher grades.

Inside this issue's pages appears the tale of the JLA's battle against the vaguely Lovecraftian Starro the Conqueror and his minions. The nascent superhero team defeat the creature employing a combination of their wits and a lot of quicklime. This issue, notably, also contains the first appearance of the League's Secret Sanctuary, which sits inside a cavernous mountain. The book represents a real milestone in comics history, one that has only increased in value to collectors with the recent frenzy of DC superhero movie announcements, culminating in a projected 2017 release date for a Justice League big-screen extravaganza!

As DC primes its hero properties to capitalize on the modern comic-book movie craze, this key issue has exploded in popularity, with copies selling as fast as we can stock them. As so many copies tend to show signs of wear from boomer-age readers, who read and reread this smash hit debut of the JLA, finding an attractive copy is a real rarity. We expect to see fervent interest in this copy as it is currently a red hot commodity.

Overstreet Guide 2013 VF- (7.5) value = $6,560.

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