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Event AuctionFLASH, THE 1959-85 #105
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Grade: CGC VF: 8.0
Publisher: DC
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Thursday 6/5/2014
Comments: crm/ow pgs; Savannah Copy
Infantino cvr/art; 1st Silver Age Flash in his own title; origin and 1st app. Mirror Master
Toronto Riverdale Collection
FLASH, THE 1959-85 #105
CGC VF: 8.0
Having proved the viability of reviving Golden Age heroes with several top-selling Showcase appearances, DC editor Julius Schwartz and creative team Carmine Infantino and John Broome dusted off the original Flash Comics title and streamlined it for the Atomic Age. It's amazing to think, in comparison with the modern day penchant for rebooting titles, on what seems to be a weekly basis, that this re-introduction was a truly risky venture in the painfully-crunched Silver Age comic market. It's unsurprising, then, that DC carefully attached this shiny new Flash to the history of the original to reassure buyers and newsstand owners alike that this was a proven property. It turns out they need not have worried, as this issue cemented the hero resurgence and a flood of new cape books soon washed over the market.

Expect high-grade copies of Flash keys such as this to explode in demand as the character's TV series nears release!

Overstreet Guide 2013 VF (8.0) value = $6,000