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Grade: VF: 8.0
Comments: 4 Strips; Frank Cho pencils and inks; Features Brandy and her WonderBra; Brandy is all stat on the third strip
VF: 8.0
Frank Cho, one of the true masters of modern comic art, has lent his considerable talents to the covers of many Marvel Comics, from Spiderman to X-Men. But in the early 1990's, Frank's sights were set on something else, Frank was attending University of the Maryland with the aim of a nursing degree. While he attended the University of Maryland, magic happened in the pages of the school's newspaper, "The Diamondback", with Cho's first strip, University Squared. It was in these strips that the now famous Liberty Meadows characters were introduced, especially the pop culture sensation, Brandy. Cho sold a handful of the original art to these strips in order to pay for rent and tuition during his time in college, with a few of Frank's fellow classmates becoming the lucky owners of these legendary originals. The rest of the art is thought to have been discarded, as Cho was often not happy with the quality of his work. Only the master himself can confirm this though. Eventually the characters from University Squared developed into the cast of Liberty Meadows, which was published by Image for many years. What is offered here is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity -- six original strips from the fabled University Squared, including two strips which prominently feature a very voluptuous Brandy trying on jeans, and the other set of four strips which features a very famous story line in which Frank gives Brandy a wonder-bra for Valentines Day! The one censored strip was created and published in a portfolio drawn by Frank. While many Marvel covers may be available on the market, Frank has sold a very limited number of pieces from the beloved Liberty Meadows. For collectors of Frank Cho art, strip art, and modern comic art in general, these offerings are a truly unique opportunity, such that they may not come about again in their lifetime. NOTE: Strip 1: 8.5x14 paper. 2 images of Brandy are stat; Strip 2: 6.5x13.5 paper. 2 images of Brandy are stat; Strip 3: 8.5x14 paper. Brandy is all stat, Frank is all original art; Strip 4: 8.5x14 paper: all original art
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