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Event AuctionMORE FUN COMICS Issue #79 Cover
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Grade: F/VF: 7.0
Publisher: DC
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Monday 12/1/2014
Comments: George Papp pencils and inks; 14.5" x 19.5"; 1942
MORE FUN COMICS Issue #79 Cover
F/VF: 7.0
It is extremely rare to see an original cover from the Golden Age of comics being offered for sale. This illustration from 1942, a seventy-year-old piece, is the earliest Green Arrow cover known to exist. Featured on the cover of this classic issue are Green Arrow and Speedy dispatching hapless bank robbers who haven't a clue what they've gotten themselves into. George Papp's tight pencils and clean inks harken back to a simpler time gone by. It's difficult to overstate just how rare and special an opportunity it is to own any cover from this period, as so little art remains from the time, most having been junked or shredded by paranoid publishers terrified of their valuable content being stolen and reprinted by rivals.

Heading into its 3rd, action-packed, suspense-filled season, the WB TV series Arrow's ratings are soaring and there is even talk of Green Arrow making an appearance in the upcoming Superman v Batman movie. With this recent success, Green Arrow keys and art have exploded in popularity, and their relative scarcity compared to other heroes' surviving material means that Green Arrow's Golden Age market is on fire. Time payments available.

There is a small piece out of the bottom left corner but it does not affect the art.

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