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Monthly AuctionAMAZING SPIDERMAN #15
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Grade: CGC VF+: 8.5
Publisher: Marvel
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Tuesday 1/24/2017
Comments: Off-White to White pages, unrestored
Ditko cvr/art; 1st app. of Kraven the Hunter; 1st mention of Mary Jane Watson
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CGC VF+: 8.5
Mary Jane Watson is such an indelible part of the Spider-Man mythology it's tough to forget that not only was she not Peter Parker's original main squeeze, but she didn't even show up until nearly two years into the run of the original Lee/Ditko title. This issue marks the quiet, unassuming first mention of the woman who would become Peter's Lois Lane. More dramatically, this also marks the first appearance of one of comic's most unique and compelling villains, Kraven the Hunter, given a typically grandiose and eyecatching look by the gifted Ditko and a characteristically tragic backstory from Lee touching on the Russian revolution and the way history tends to crush everyone underfoot, big or small.