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Grade: CGC VG+: 4.5
Publisher: Marvel
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Tuesday 1/24/2017
Comments: white pgs
Ditko cvr/art; 1st app. Doctor Octopus (7/63)
CGC VG+: 4.5
Every great hero needs a great villain, and while the Vulture, who appeared in the second issue of this title, is great fun and a fine bad guy, he isn't quite the showstopper that Spidey needed to solidify his place in hero history. Enter Doctor Octopus, one of the wildest, most inspired, and most enduring of all the rogues' gallery that the fevered Lee-Ditko hive mind ever cooked up. In keeping with the Marvel theme of misunderstood loners and accidental heroes and villains, tortured genius Otto Octavius finds himself turned into a monster when his experiments in radiation lead to a bizarre apparatus being fused to his body, making him a multi-armed and demented foil for our increasingly beleaguered web-head. Illustrated with Ditko's typically feverish, imaginative panache, and liberally applied with plenty of high-melodrama Lee dialogue, the first appearance of Doc Ock proved a knockout, and gave Spider-Man his first truly iconic foe.