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Grade: CBCS VG/F: 5.0
Publisher: Marvel
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Tuesday 1/24/2017
Comments: ow/white pgs
Ditko cvr/art; 1st app. Green Goblin; 1st meeting of Hulk and Spider-Man
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CBCS VG/F: 5.0
Wherein Spidey gets his Joker, his Luthor, his Red Skull. Every hero needs an arch-villain, someone to completely define the hero's theme, struggle, and style -- and, boy howdy, is the Green Goblin one of the all-time greats. The identity and backstory of this compelling nemesis tie neatly into the Spider-Man story's themes of loss, tragedy, the tricky drama of dealing with friends and family, and the simple day-to-day difficulties of life. One of the most important and beloved of all Marvel keys. Early Spider-Man covers remain some of the most iconic images of the comic world. One can't help but feel the tug of nostalgia when gazing upon a Silver Age Steve Ditko Spidey cover, especially one in such incredible condition. The color on this book really pops off the page, and the inclusion of the Hulk in the mix just serves to make the desirability of this classic go through the roof. Don't miss out on the first appearance of one of comicdom's most-memorable baddies.
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