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Vincent Zurzolo Talks Berk on Fox Business

ComicConnect’s Vincent Zurzolo was a guest on Fox Business Channel on Monday, to discuss the record-breaking results of the massive Jon Berk Collection auction. 

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"It shows how far our hobby has come that sales like these can make headline news outside of our collecting community," said Zurzolo. "I've been on television and radio news shows for years, across the globe, and it never fails to amaze me just how widespread the interest and love for vintage comics is."

The auction, which netted millions of dollars and shattered sales records, attracted investment collectors from around the globe, both new devotees of the vintage comic market and old-school superfans who haven't been active in decades.

"It's been a really moving experience seeing how many collectors love Jon's books, and his attention to the history and breadth of the comicbook medium," said Zurzolo. "It really has been an honor to bring his remarkable collection to the world and to ensure that he gets his due as a scholar while, obviously, reaping the reward of a lifetime of savvy collecting."

The auction boasted original comic art from the greats of the art form, including Lou Fine, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Murphy Anderson, and many more. The cover to Planet Comics #1 by Lou Fine sold for $146,444, a Lizard page from Amazing Spider-Man #6 by Steve Ditko hit $105,000, the cover to All New Comics #8 by Alex Schomburg sold for $66,000 while the Bob Montana cover for Pep Comics #30 hammered at $61,777. The Rudy Palais cover for Catman Comics #25 went for $52,891 and a Jack Kirby page from Fantastic Four #3 sold for $44,500.

“It is obvious by these robust results that the comic art market is thriving and that can get you great prices for your art!” stated Director of Consignments, Robert Reynolds.

Impressive treasures and record sales in the comicbook lots included the ultra-rare Fantastic Comics #3 CGC 9.4 for $243,000, Action Comics #1 CGC 5.5 C $393,000, Action Comics #7 CGC 5.5 $188,000, Detective Comics #27 CGC 6.5 R $313,000, the Wonder/Wonder World run brok $450,000 and a high-grade run of Mystery Men Comics netted over $400,000.

"The Jon Berk Collection auction featured hundreds of issues so rare we hadn't seen copies in decades, if at all,” Zurzolo said. “It was an education even for us -- we thought we'd seen everything! This really was an historic event."



The Jon Berk Original Art & Comicbook Collection Auction closed Friday and we're already working on the next Event Auction. If you're looking for a way to pay for all of your winnings or if you'd just like to be a part of our auctions, the deadline to consign original comic art and comics is Friday, June 12th at 23PM EDT.

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