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Can Super-Heroes Save the Day?

Chicago-area dentist known as Dr. Fate selling valuable childhood comic-book collection as he struggles with rare, incurable disease.  His collection will be up for grabs in ComicConnect's Event Auction from November 18th to the week of December 9th. Click here to view collection listings.


Patient sometimes noticed the license plate on Dr. Steven Landman’s car parked near his Lake Zurich, Illinois dental practice.  They asked him why it said “Dr. Fate?”  He would explain it’s a nickname that refers to the popular super-hero from the Golden and Silver Age comic book eras and one of Landman’s favorite comic characters.

Landman has been collecting since he was a kid. He’d often ditch the line for the school bus and race over to the corner drugstore to buy comics. After reading his books, he’d package them up and protect them with plastic bags and shirt cardboards that he took from his dad’s dry cleaning business.

The life-long comics fan kept his collection intact for nearly 50 years and planned to sell it when he retired.  But fate took a cruel twist for Landman, 62, when he was diagnosed with Anti-MAG IgM Peripheral Neuropathy, a rare autoimmune disease that attacks the nervous system.  The disease is taking its toll and rapidly advancing into disability.

So, Landman’s turning to his favorite super-heroes for help. To cover medical expenses,  plan for the future and to raise awareness of the rare, incurable disease, he’s selling his beloved childhood comic-book collection.

Landman’s fastidious nature as a kid is likely to pay off big for him.  His collection is in pristine condition and has an estimated retail value of over $500,000.  According to Vincent Zurzolo, co-owner of New York-based Metropolis Collectibles and, the country’s largest vintage comic auction house, demand for Landman’s collection will be off the charts.

“We’re selling the best 400 comics from Dr. Landman’s collection in our November auction,” Zurzolo said.  “With super-hero movies like The Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers and the upcoming Ant-Man generating incredible interest these days, we’re expecting demand to be high for all of the comics in this very special collection. A portion of the books were offered to the public at the Chicago Comic-Con in August and they sold out in a day and a half. Those books weren’t even the cream of the crop.”

Zurzolo says that all the key issues from the 1960’s are in the collection.  “There are super glossy copies of Amazing Spider Man #1, Fantastic Four #1, Incredible Hulk #1, and even the first two appearances of Ant-Man.  Over one quarter of the books are the highest-graded examples known to exist,” he said.

When Landman decided to sell his comics, he turned to Gary Colabuono, the former owner of Moondog’s, the legendary Chicago-area comic shop where Landman was a customer. After hearing his story, Colabuono wanted to help and created a selling strategy that included listing the best items through ComicConnect.  The collection will be called the Moondog’s  Dr. Fate Collection.

“Fans are going to go gaga over books from the Moondog’s  Dr. Fate collection,” said Colabuono. “You just don’t see books like these.  The cover gloss and white pages will transport lucky buyers back in time 50 years.  It’ll be like they’re at their neighborhood drugstore ready to pluck a mint copy right off the comic-book rack.”

“We’re excited about helping Dr. Landman sell his collection,” Zurzolo and Colabuono said, “but more important, we’re hoping that the super-heroes in these comics will help bring attention to his condition and similar diseases that affect him and thousands of others.”  

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