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Archie 1 CGC 6.0
Named after both the inner-city Canadian neighborhood from where its collector, Donald, hails and the all-American town where Archie Andrews enjoys his exploits, the Toronto Riverdale collection is a wonderful set of high-grade rarities and key issues carefully and lovingly assembled by its curator over a lifetime of collecting.
Like many long-time fans, Donald caught the comic-book bug in his early teens, mostly with DC and Marvel titles. He soon focused on collecting Silver Age treasures when the market was just starting to grow in the 1980s. Constantly laboring to complete his want list with the best he could find, he bought, sold, traded, and upgraded constantly, all the while seeking  rare cross-overs and first character appearances. “I wasn’t into completing runs,” Donald recalled. “I just wanted single issues that appealed to me. I was also a big fan of Joe Kubert’s art and DC War titles. It just so happened that the stuff I liked and focused on ended up being valuable in the collecting world 25 years later.” 
Even though his passion for collecting was a constant in his life, personal turmoil, including a draining battle with cancer and a struggle with alcoholism, derailed his hobby temporarily, leading to his comics occasionally being kept safe by family members, or locked away in storage.  “Life is a humbling journey,” Donald mused, “and like characters in a comic book, each one of us has a storyline. You could be on top of the world one day and the next day you’re having personal battles like Tony Stark or Captain Mar-Vell.” The inspiration he drew from the struggles faced by his beloved comic-book heroes eventually helped him fight out of his doldrums as he returned to collecting with renewed vigor – and renewed interest, a healed and wiser human being.
Donald’s library eventually expanded to the Golden Age of comics, especially Good Girl Art, crime, and horror titles. He was inspired to seek out some of the most classic covers in the history of the art form. “Obviously there are so many great ones it’s nearly impossible to track them all down,” he claimed, “but I’m quite proud of the small group I’ve put together throughout the years.” 
Over time, he was able to amass a small treasury of some of the most notorious and famous Golden and early Silver Age covers, including Black Cat Mystery 50, Blue Beetle 54, Brenda Starr 14, Crime Does Not Pay 24, Crime SuspenStories 22, Fight Against Crime 20, and many other important books.
Amazing Fantasy 15
“What’s so unique about the Toronto Riverdale collection,” according to ComicConnect Consignment Director Rob Reynolds, “is that it’s small, but has such variety. Donald spent time carefully curating the very best issues, in the best possible condition, which turns the collection into a miniature history of comics themselves. It’s rare to see so many iconic and influential keys and classics in one collection, and we were immediately impressed with his taste and dedication.”
“I knew ComicConnect (along with Rob and Vince’s help) would give me the best exposure for my comics and find them a new home,” Donald concluded. “I’m letting go after almost 30 years of collecting, and, as a dedicated hobbyist, I hope the new owners will enjoy these issues as much as I have.” We here at ComicConnect are certain collectors will be as impressed as we are by this wonderful cross-section of comic-book history.


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