No buyer's premiums — What you bid is what you pay!

About ComicConnect

ComicConnect's mission is to offer vintage comic book, original art and memorabilia buyers and sellers an easy-to-use alternative to consignment websites, auction houses and "feeBay".  Most importantly, ComicConnect offers you, the user, control over setting the prices you want to pay, and the prices you receive for the sale of your items.  Paramount to all of this is the money ComicConnect puts back into your pocket.  There are no "buyer fees" extracted from the items you purchase, forcing you to pay a lower price to the seller to compensate for the loss.  There are no exorbitant sellers' fees to take a cut out of what money the seller receives either.  ComicConnect is, quite simply, a better model for buying and selling comics, where the users of ComicConnect are the ones who benefit most.

ComicConnect provides state-of-the-art online technology and a reputable transaction environment backed by years of experience.  The staff of ComicConnect is also always standing by to provide guidance to collectors and to answer whatever questions you might have about getting started buying and selling on ComicConnect.

Our Team
Stephen Fishler
Chief Executive Officer
Co-Founder & Owner
Stephen Fishler has been a collector, buyer and seller of comic books for almost three decades. He created ComicConnect in response to the comic community's need for a true market where buyers and sellers can have complete control over the transactions they make. Stephen is also known for creating the 10 point grading scale used as the industry standard for evaluating comics, and for growing Metropolis Collectibles into the nation's largest dealership of vintage comic books. Considered to be one of leading experts on collectibles, Stephen has appeared on numerous television shows including Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight and The Today Show.
Vincent Zurzolo
Chief Operating Officer
Co-Founder & Owner
Vincent Zurzolo is one of the nation's leading comic book aficionados, and is also the host of the popular online radio show, Comic Zone Radio. Similarly to his business partner, Stephen, Vincent's daily interaction with comic buyers and sellers inspired him to help create ComicConnect. He feels the world is ready for a website where collectors can essentially transact on their own, but without the fees or encumberance of other venues. When not promoting ComicConnect, Vincent deals in his own comic inventory at Metropolis.
Rob Reynolds
Director of Consignments
Rob grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Before he became Director of Consignments at ComicConnect, Rob was an avid comic collector and investor. Prior to joining ComicConnect, Rob held several retail management positions, including the Yankee's Clubhouse Shop in Times Square. Rob spends his free-time making the "World's Greatest Chili," listening to old jazz, and watching The Simpsons.
Ian Tennant
Shipping Manager
Ian spent his childhood in Brooklyn, NY, but attended high school and college in Las Vegas. Prior to working with ComicConnect he worked for seven years at the Las Vegas Clark County Library Distrcit. Ian enjoys reading, going to the theater, and bourbon.
Eitan Gavish
Inventory Manager
Eitan grew up in Ossining, NY and graduated with a B.A. from the University of Vermont. Previous employment includes Tenth Street Entertainment, Barnes & Noble, and writing for the NY Daily News Web site. He's been reading comics since the 90's, and on his free time rocks out with his heavy metal outfit Krystaleen.
Ansel Newcome-Beill
Inventory Clerk
Ansel came to New York to attend college 5 years ago, but has lived all across the US. He has been immersed in comic books and the surrounding culture for as long as he can remember. He is a man of simple desires, enjoying a good steak and catching up with his videogames.
Blair Trump
IT & Development
Blair has pursued a career in computer programming for over 25 years. Hailing from Northampton, Massachusetts, he was first introduced to comics through a chance meeting with Kevin Eastman, co-creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and also a Northampton native. Blair went on to build his own library (which consisted largely of TMNT) and merged it with his brothers' Archie Comics.
Alex M.
Alex Manrique
Assistant Grader
Originally from upstate New York, Alex moved to the city and is now a full time student and following her childhood dream of becoming a comic book writer. She loves movies and trashy reality TV, but her true obsessions are American literature and Steve Rogers.
Alex C.
Alex Casella
Assistant Grader
Born and raised in NYC, Alex has been an active musician in the local rock scene for over 20 years. He plays guitar, writes, produces and records for his Hi-Fi Sci-Fi band ATOM STRANGE. He is also passionate abouts science-fiction, science fact, graphic design and vintage guitars.
Jessica Walsh
Catalog Coordinator
Jessica is a graphic designer who Graduated from the School of Visual Arts. She is very familiar with comic culture and has been to two NYC comic cons. At a young age she used comics to learn to draw.