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Britta and Brick Wenzel, a New Jersey couple, live & work in Lavallette and own Salty’s, a restaurant and gift shop near the shore. After Hurricane Sandy left Salty’s under six feet of flood water and forced the owners to move out and cease business operations, the Wenzels dug through their belongings for signs of hope. After throwing out the many keepsakes from their home that were water logged and unsalvageable they came across boxes of comics that had been left to them by their grandfather who had passed years earlier. Thankfully the comics had not been reached by the flooding water. After everything they lost it felt close to miraculous that the comics made it and got in touch with the premiere auction house, ComicConnect, to evaluate and sell their collection. ComicConnect, which had previously broken records by selling an Action 1 for $2,161,000,  graded the Wenzels’ comics from low-to-high grade and noted that there are many medium-grade comics in the mix and feel that this may be the spark of good fortune the family needs.

“We’re very fortunate to have the opportunity to help this couple begin rebuilding their lives. Besides being an incredible collection of comic books, it’s an opportunity to help the Wenzels get a fresh start,” Stephen Fishler of Comic Connect said about the auction.

The Hurricane Sandy Collection auction began Monday April 29, 2013 at noon.

Highlights include: Young Allies #1 CGC 2.5, All-Star Comics #18 CGC 8.0, Marvel Mystery #32 CGC 4.0, Young Allies #2 CGC 7.0, Captain America #53 VF-, America’s Best Comics #7 CGC 6.0, Donald Duck Four Color #9 G+, Mystery in Space #1 CGC 6.0, Action Comics #34 CGC 4.0, Complete Comics #2 FN, Shock Suspenstories #1 VF-.


May Monthly Auction ends as follows:

Tuesday, May 14, Hurricane Sandy Collection,  6PM - 12AM EDT

Wednesday, May 15, Titles: A - L, 6PM - 12AM EDT

Thursday, May 16, Titles: M - Z 6PM - 12AM EDT