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Why Sell on ComicConnect?

Let's assume you have comic books that you'd like to sell.  Perhaps you may have inherited them, or are selling them for a friend.  The comics might be from a collection you spent years putting together.  You might only have one comic you'd like to sell, or you may have hundreds.  One of the most important questions you might ask yourself is "What are my options, and how can I make the most money possible from the sale of these comics?"
Option A: Sell to a Dealer

 Every comic dealer proclaims "they pay the most", but in truth, there are very few that have the financial wherewithal to do so.  The price they pay has to take into account the time and expense they will have in selling the books, and still be able to make a profit on top.  Local comic shops and convention dealers simply do not have a large enough customer base to pay top dollar.   Only a select few do pay top prices, but how do you know which ones?  After you sell your comics, will you ever know if you missed out on thousands of dollars?  


Option B: The eBay Myth

Once upon a time, you could make money on eBay.  Lots of sellers were there, lots of buyers were there, and it was one big happy place.  Eventually, eBay had a monopoly.   Then eBay raised its fees.  Then eBay raised its fees again.  And again.  And again.  And again.  Listing Fees.  Relisting Fees.  Thumbnail Picture Fees.  Enlarged Picture Fees.  Reserve Price Fees.  Bold text Fees.  Final Value Fees.  Paypal Fees.  Sellers who learned they could no longer make money on eBay are quickly replaced by new sellers who don't know any better.  Lots of sellers and a glut of competing auctions lead to steadily falling hammer prices.  Lower sales.  Higher fees.  Today, FeeBay is littered with "junk" that sellers need to blowout at any price they can get.  The "good stuff" cannot be found on eBay, and with good reason.

 Option C: Cousin Jimmy's Online Consignment Shop
The Internet has created opportunity where none existed before, and in the past few years, a handful of online consignment shops have popped up on the Internet.  These one-or-two man operations are usually run by entrepreneurial individuals who didn't work in comics before, and saw opportunity in putting together a website.  ComicConnect has a lot of respect for these guys, but at the same time, we wouldn't be in the business if we didn't think we could provide better service, better promotion, and higher sales for our members.
 Option D: Give Control to an Auction House
An auction house has a tremendous amount of overhead, and only a few big auctions per year.  The modus operandi is to amass as much material to liquidate as possible, and flood the market with thousands of competing auctions on a given weekend.  The lower prices realized for each seller doesn't matter, because just like Las Vegas, the system is set-up so the house always wins.  How, you might ask?  The commission rate an auction house charges you, the seller, is typically 15%.  However, the auction house will also charge the bidder a "buyer's premium" of 19.5%.  Make no mistake about it, a bidder in an auction simply deducts the additional 19.5% from the final price they are willing to pay.  The auction house is taking over a 30% cut from each and every transaction.  By having their hand in the pocket of both the bidder and the seller, the auction house ensures the most profit for itself, while the consignor hemorrhages on their investment.

 The ComicConnect Choice

When you choose to sell on ComicConnect, you have complete control over how you sell your comics, and at what price to sell them.  Our easy-to-use online tools enable you to upload items to sell at auction, or to sell them at the fixed price you specify.  You can also evaluate bids from buyers, choosing whether or not to accept, or counter-offer if you prefer.  Membership is free, and ComicConnect collects only a small commission on completed transactions.  ComicConnect is non-exclusive, which means items you list at a fixed price may be withdrawn without penalty.  At your option, you may also retain possession of your comic books until they sell.  The founding principal of ComicConnect is to offer a service to the comic book community, making it tremendously easy to buy and sell comic books with no downside, and only upside.  Additionally, our customer service department is always eager to be of assistance, and offer any guidance you might need in selling your comics.


* Please note ComicConnect will apply a $5 service charge for listings that are valued or sell for $50 or less.

Not tech savvy? Don’t feel like doing the scanning and listing yourself? No problem! If you have comics already graded by the third-party grading services of CGC or PGX, ComicConnect will scan and list your $1 start, no reserve, auctions for you.  Remember you will get the strongest bids on your comics, art and memorabilia as there are never any buyer's premiums. Simply send us your slabbed comics, and we will do the rest!

Seller Policies

Written below is general information and excerpts about how the process of selling on ComicConnect works.  Please also refer to our User Agreement for further information regarding membership, buying and selling on ComicConnect.

ACCEPTING OFFERS & MAKING COUNTER-OFFERS:  Members are allowed to place offers on comics you list for sale at Fixed Prices. All offers expire after 48 hours.  If you have not accepted an offer within that time period, the offer becomes void.  You can reconsider and agree to sell at the specified price AT A LATER TIME, but the decision of whether or not to complete the purchase may be made entirely at the discretion of the Buyer within the allotted time permitting acceptance.  If you wish to extend a counter-offer to a Buyer, that counter-offer expires 48 hours after the time at which you made it.

As a failsafe measure to curtail the wasting of a seller's time by insincere buyers, offers on Fixed Price items that are less than 25% of the seller's asking price will be automatically rejected.

SHIPMENT OF ITEMS TO COMICCONNECT:  Upon making an agreement to sell your item to a Buyer, you must ship your item to ComicConnect within seven (7) days.  Make certain the comics are wrapped tightly between several firm layers of flat cardboard, with plenty of extra padding and package materials surrounding it (such as newspaper or bubble-wrap).  Secure the wrapped comics in a box where the contents will not jostle, and will not be damaged by dropping, puncture, or accidental indentation during transit.   Be sure not to allow any shipping tape to adhere to the comics or comic book bags sandwiched between layers of cardboard.  If shipping numerous books packed in a magazine box or long-box, be sure to pack the box tight so the comics cannot move around.  When using magazine boxes or long boxes, we recommend placing comic box lids on both the top and the bottom to reinforce the corners and prevent denting and breakage.

PAYMENTS:  ComicConnect shall pay to you the sum of the final realized price of all your items sold, less a small commission retained from the proceeds of the sale.  The Sale Price of items paid for by the Buyer with a fee-bearing payment type, such as credit card or Paypal, shall have a 3% deduction to be applied against the expense of receiving the payment incurred by ComicConnect.  Each payment made to you shall be accompanied with a written accounting of the sales activity, specifying which items sold.
* Please note ComicConnect will apply a $5 service charge for listings that are valued or sell for $50 or less.

TIMING OF PAYMENTS:  Items are shipped from ComicConnect to Buyers after the Buyer has remitted full payment.  A minimum of 10 days must pass after the Buyer receives their purchase before ComicConnect can issue payment to you.  ComicConnect will not make such payment if the Buyer gives notice of intention to rescind the sale, or any other bona fide claim relating to the item, within the grace period of ComicConnect's Return Policy and Satisfaction Guarantee (returned items shall be returned to you).  All payments to you will be made in US Dollars.

WITHDRAWAL OF ITEMS:  You may not withdraw items you've listed at Auction, unless the auction has ended and the item has not sold.  You may remove Fixed Price items from the site at any time, so long as no Buyer has agreed to buy them.  If you accept an offer, you are obligated to sell the item.  If you issue a counter-offer, you may not remove the item from the site unless the potential Buyer does not accept the offer within 48 hours.

ComicConnect may withdraw any item at any time before or after sale if in our sole judgment (i) there is doubt as to its authenticity, (ii) there is doubt as to the accuracy to what you have represented about the item, (iii) you have breached any provision of the User Policy or (iv) other just cause exists.

NON-PAYMENT BY BUYER:  ComicConnect shall have no obligation to enforce payment by the Buyer.  However, in the event of non-payment by the Buyer, we may, in our sole discretion, cancel the sale and return the item to you, or enforce payment by the Buyer.