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If you are a new customer with no ComicConnect purchase history, and wish to place a bid above $25,000, please contact us at 888.779.7377 or support@comicconnect.com so that we may approve your account for bidding.  This policy was instituted to protect consignors and bidders against bids from fraudulent customer accounts, and to ensure the integrity of the bidding process.


What makes ComicConnect's Auctions different than other online auctions?

ComicConnect wants our online auction experience to be as close to a live auction as possible.  Therefore:

Any new bid placed during the final 3 minutes of a given auction lot will extend the lot's end-time in an increment of 3 minutes from the time the bid was placed. For example, if an auction lot that is scheduled to end at 8:10 PM receives a new bid at 8:09 PM, the lot's end time will extend to 8:12 PM.  After a lot has not received any new bids for 3 minutes, the lot will end, hammering at the winning bid.

An auction lot that has not received any new bids before it ends will hammer at it's scheduled end time. For example an auction lot that is scheduled to end at 8:10 PM will not be extended, providing that no additional bids are placed after 8:07 PM.


Batch BiddingSo many auctions, so little time?

Then try the ComicConnect "Place All Bids" feature!

Here's how it works!

Simply enter your "High Bids" in the price fields (boxes) of the auction lots on which you would like to bid. When finished, click the "Place All Bids" button at the top-right of the screen.

ComicConnect will show you a new webpage listing all the lots on which you are about to place bids. Use this screen to review your bids, and when ready, click the "Confirm Bids" button.

After confirming your bids in Step 2, you will be given a "Bid Confirmation" screen. This page will tell you the present status of your bids (such as if the reserves have been met, and whether or not you're the high bidder on each lot).

On the bid confirmation screen, if you should wish to place additional new bids on some of the lots, simply enter the new amount(s) and click the "Place New Bids" button. You will be taken through the same Review & Confirm sequence again for these new bids as just described.

To keep track of every bid you make in the Event Auction, we recommend viewing the lots in your BIDS & OFFERS category, which can be found under MY BUYING section of the left-hand MEMBER NAVIGATION column of the website.


What Is The Instant Refresh Button?OK... so it's getting down to the end of the auction, you've got the auctions you've been bidding upon on-screen, and all you care about is the time left and whether or not you're winning...

... and you keep on hitting your browser's "refresh" button, and so does everyone else in the world.

The auction's server is slow, your Internet is slow, everything is s-l-o-w. We've all been there, right?

Well, my friend, we have developed something that we hope you're going to like.

Maybe you've noticed ComicConnect's new, big, bright-green, pleasure machine: AKA the INSTANT REFRESH BUTTON.

Rather than reloading your entire web page, what this button does is only queries the information that might have changed. Therefore, it's much faster, and will almost "instantly" give you important status information such as the minutes/seconds left on an auction lot, and whether or not you are the high bidder.


  • If you wish to place ABSENTEE PHONE BIDS in lieu of Internet bidding, contact ComicConnect at 888.779.7377 anytime Monday through Friday between 10 AM - 6 PM Eastern. Some personnel will be available at this number during the week the auction ends, but we strongly advise contacting us earlier to ensure your bids are submitted.


  • We have taken many steps to prepare our servers to handle the huge response the auction will receive, and to identify and prevent causes for "denial of service". Nevertheless, high volume of legitimate traffic during the final hours of the auction is likely to result in slower page-load times. Whereas ComicConnect has no rules against "sniping", we strongly, STRONGLY, caution all participants against waiting until the 11th hour to place bids.
  • Be sure to take advantage of the bright green "Instant Refresh" buttons on the website, which will refresh auction pages at a faster rate than your browser's standard refresh button.


  • Increments for "next minimum bids" in the Event Auction are as follows.

    Current Bid Next Min. Bid
    $1- $99 $1
    $100 - $249 $5
    $250 - $499 $10
    $500 - $999 $25
    $1000 - $2499 $50
    $2500 - $4999 $100
    $5000 - $19,999 $200
    $20,000 - $49,999 $500
    $50,000 - $99,999 $1000
    $100,000 - infinity $2000


  • Several callers have asked, "If I increase my bid, am I bidding against myself?" The answer is no, additional bids will not increase your current bid unless another bidder has outbid you. The only time increasing your bid will increase your current bid is if the additional bid meets or exceeds an auction's reserve. For example:
    • Assume "Bidder A" bids $50 on an auction lot that has a hidden reserve of $100. If Bidder A places a new bid of $200, their current bid will only go to $100 to meet the reserve, but not a cent more.
    • If "Bidder B", in turn, bids $110 on the same lot, the system will only then submit a proxy bid of $115 on behalf of Bidder A (whose hidden max remains $200).


  • You must have an active credit card on file with ComicConnect in order to sell or bid on ComicConnect. Please visit the Profile page of your account to ensure your file is up to date with this information.


  • To contact us for help during the auction, or assistance in setting up an account, simply email support@comicconnect.com or call 888.779.7377.