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Clash of the Pre-Code Horror Titans:

Crime SuspenStories #22 vs. Venus #19!

ComicConnect’s Event Auction #53 is chock full of amazing keys, Golden Age classics, valuable rarities, modern heavy hitters, and the usual spread of incredible investment trophies from throughout the history of comics. Still, no two books are generating more interest than a pair of iconic classics from the heyday of the pre-code horror era — Crime SuspenStories #22 and Venus #19. Both of these beloved issues are considered top-tier collectibles that are beloved by the rabidly devoted fan base of the controversial genre. As these two mammoths go head-to-head come auction time, we await the outcome of this heavyweight bout with great curiosity. Will the sublime and eerie allure of Venus #19 win out over the gory and unforgettable Crime SuspenStories #22? Or will the historical importance of EC’s decapitation cover defeat the artistic triumph of Atlas’ cult fave rave?

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Crime SuspenStories led the pack of EC’s horror rampage that took the industry by storm in the years after WWII, eventually offending parents and government officials to the point of inspiring the creation of the Comics Code Authority. This self-imposed censorship body would ensure comic books would remain morally upright throughout the Silver Age. Featured prominently in a series of Senate hearings, Crime SuspenStories #22 remains a milestone in the multifaceted story of comic books, possibly earning the title of the most-offensive comic book of all time. Venus, on the other hand, started life as a relatively benign title that focused on the adventures of the titular goddess and her mildly racy fantasy tales. As the horror genre started to gain traction, Venus began to make a radical turn toward darker themes, culminating in this final issue which is recognized by fans and industry insiders alike as one of the finest and most memorable covers of the period. Illustrated with great skill by the vaunted Bill Everett, Venus #19 remains a head-turner every time a copy comes up for auction. One glimpse at the terrifying cover, and we are sure you will agree, this is one humdinger of a horror heavy hitter.


The Gaines File Copy of Crime SuspenStories #22 is a beautiful, bright, and clean 9.4 that bears a QES seal of approval and is one of the nicest copies we’ve ever had the honor of laying eyes on. The 8.5 Venus #19 is the standalone second-highest graded example on the CGC census. With only one higher graded 9.0 above it, the book is exceedingly rare and is a consistent target for high rollers at auction. So, what’s it going to be ComicConnect bidders? In this battle royale between a duo of pre-code horror titans, who will win out, we await with bated breath to see who earns the title of the giant of gore, lord of the lascivious, or master of the macabre. We hope you are as excited as we are as you get ready to bid on these two treasures in EA #53, and we wish you all good luck! Bid early and bid often.


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