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Event Auction Highlight: Highest-Graded at Auction

A highly esteemed client, and one of our most successful consignors, explained his theory on investment collecting, “Purchase the very best example that you can possibly afford, you will never go wrong.” Our fifty-fourth Event Auction offers hundreds of books at or near the top of the census, including some of the most-valuable comics on the market today. 

While, there may very well be three copies of Iron Man #1 9.9 on the census, this is definitely the only highest-graded copy you will see at auction for a very long time to come. The last copy sold over a decade ago - it’s a rare thing to own a certified 9.9 from the 1960s! Mint collectors will also find New Mutants #98 9.9 and Venom: Lethal Protector #1 9.9.

Click here to view all Highest-Graded Comic Book lots up for auction! Auction ends Jun. 5-9!


A Near Mint copy of Journey into Mystery #83, with just one known copy higher, is currently leading Event Auction #54 in bids. When you hold the very best in your hands, it’s palpable. A realization sparks and you simply begin to understand, you start to feel better about yourself, the world makes more sense, and very little else matters, beyond your relationship with that extraordinary comic, in that moment. You can’t put a price on that magic.

For Golden Age collectors chasing that feeling, Zurzolo pointed to highest-certified copies of Suspense Comics #11 9.8 Promise Collection, Marvel Mystery Comics #47 9.4 San Francisco Copy, Daring Mystery Comics #3 8.5 Larson Copy, and Tales from the Crypt #46 9.4 Gaines File Copy.


More Gold and Silver: Beware Terror Tales #6 9.4 Crowley, Blue Bolt #112 9.0, Sub-Mariner #1 9.8, Thor #165 9.8, and Vampirella #3 9.8. Bronze to Modern: Amazing Spider-Man #129 9.8, Marvel Preview #4 9.8, Star Wars #1 9.8, and Ultimate Fallout #4 9.8 Stan Lee Signature Variant Edition.


Click here to view all Highest-Graded Comic Book lots up for auction! Auction ends Jun. 5-9!

“If you’re looking for a cornerstone key for your investment collection or if you’re just starting a portfolio, Event Auction #54 has the right books for you,” Zurzolo concluded. “Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Director of Consignments, Rob Reynolds, for assistance with your collection.” Email or call toll-free, 888-779-7377.


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ComicConnect consignors are eligible to receive interest-free, no-fee cash advances towards the sale of their collections. Call or email ComicConnect’s Director of Consignments, Rob Reynolds, at, or (Toll Free) 888-779-7377 for immediate assistance with their collection.

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