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Event Auction Highlight: Original Art Highlights

ComicConnect brings another beautiful selection of original comic art to Event Auction #54, with many top-tier examples from throughout comics history. The original art market continues to grow, with more collectors than there have ever been and new people discovering the uniqueness of the hobby seemingly every day.

Click here to view all original art lots up for auction! Auction ends Jun. 5!


The art session features highlights by some of comics’ best artists. Beginning with the cover to Incredible Hulk #154 by Herb Trimpe, Trimpe’s Hulk covers are among the most desirable of any Bronze Age Marvel artwork, with none having sold publicly since 2015. Next is an extraordinary page by Wally Wood, one of the finest draftsman ever to put pen to paper, from the story EC Confidential from Weird Science #21. This page, easily the best in the story, shows a team of Aliens disintegrating the staff of EC Comics, including Wood himself. You will not find a finer example of a Wood EC panel page. We also have a page from Amazing Spider-Man #325 by Todd McFarlane featuring Spider-Man and the Red Skull that has not been on the market since it was originally sold in 1990, and a rare Erik Larsen page from Amazing Spider-Man #336.


Additionally, we have two stunning Conan the Barbarian pieces from Gil Kane, the cover to issue #12 and the title splash from #18, the splash page to Mister Miracle #13 by Jack Kirby, and a great page from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen #9 along with its matching color guide. Not to be overshadowed, we have the incredibly rare cover to Captain America #3 by Steve Epting up for bidding, from Epting and writer Ed Brubaker’s critically acclaimed first arc on the title that introduced the Winter Soldier to the world. Epting’s Captain America covers almost never come up for sale and are highly sought after.


We’re also thrilled to offer some more extraordinary works of art, including a great page from Marvel Comics Presents #121 featuring Wolverine and Venom by Sam Kieth, a Galactus splash page from Silver Surfer: Judgment Day by John Buscema, a page from Werewolf by Night #5 penciled and inked by Mike Ploog, as well as a complete 9-page story by Ploog from Police Action #3. Furthermore, we have John Romita Jr. pages from Amazing Spider-Man #233 and Contest of Champions #2, the page 1 splash from Fantastic Four #222 by Bill Sienkiewicz and Joe Sinnott, and Rich Buckler’s Dr. Doom and Subby splash from Saga of the Sub-Mariner #12, plus pages by Rich Buckler from Astonishing Tales #26 featuring the 2nd appearance of Deathlok, and Buckler’s historic map of Wakanda from Jungle Action #8.


There’s a sensational selection of covers in the auction, including Witchfinder: In the Service of Angels #5 by Mike Mignola, EC Comics’ Gunfighter #4 by Johnny Craig, Sal Velluto’s stellar cover to Marc Spector: Moon Knight #9 featuring the Punisher, Captain America #428 by Dave Hoover, Tony Daniel covers from Justice League: Rebirth #1 and Batman & Robin Eternal #26, Superman: The Man of Steel #30 by Jon Bogdanove, the painted cover to Creepy #44 by Segrelles, Captain America: Hail Hydra #4 by Adi Granov, and Mitch Breitweiser’s covers to Captain America Theater of War: Operation Zero-Point #1 and Avengers/Invaders #10.

The auction also features covers by John Romita Jr., Don NewtonFrancis Manapul, Jorge Molina, Salvador Larroca, Alan Davis, Mike Perkins, Rafa Sandoval, Geof Darrow, John Van Fleet, Mico Suayan, Joseph Michael Linsner, Ethan Van Sciver, and finally David Bollers covers to Marvel’s Night Thrasher #8 and #13.


There are also numerous Walking Dead #1 covers created as convention variants by Wizard, these include covers by Michael Golden, Rob Liefeld, Jerome Opeña, Mico Suayan, and Colleen Doran, as well as the back cover to vol. 9 of the Walking Dead hardcovers by Charlie Adlard.

There’s a great selection of interior pages as well, starting with a great page by Dave Cockrum from Giant-Size Avengers #3, a page from G.I. Joe, A Real American Hero #30 and a page from Dazzler #5 by Frank Springer, a great Batman/Mister Miracle page from The Brave and the Bold #112 by Jim Aparo, a Larry Lieber page from Spectacular Spider-Man #102, an early George Perez page from Inhumans #8, Paul Gulacy Master of Kung-Fu pages from #42 and #48. Also up for bidding are two great pages from Web of Spider-Man #69 by Alex Saviuk, three Captain America pages by Steve Epting, a fantastic Joe Kubert Hawkman page from The Brave and the Bold #44, a rare, early Dave Sim page from Cerebus #14, a Jim Lee page from Justice League #10, a very early Ethan Van Sciver Cyberfrog page, two Fantastic Four pages by Paul Ryan, from #366 and #403, a page by Chris Bachalo from Amazing Spider-Man #556, numerous pages by Alan Davis from his time on Excalibur, a beautiful page from Love and Rockets #49 by Jaime Hernandez, a page from Lady Death #11 by Steven Hughes, and pages by P. Craig Russell, Mark Texeira, Rich Buckler, Don Perlin, Jim Mooney, Dan Barry, John Paul Leon, and more.


In addition to all of that Event Auction #54 features splash pages by Gene Colan from Tomb of Dracula #34, David Finch from Forever Evil #6, Lobo: Infanticide #1 by Kieth Giffen, a rare Paris Cullins splash from Blue Beetle # 13, Detective Comics #697 by Graham Nolan, Greg Land’s Fantastic Four splash from Marvel 2-in-One #1, and the page 1 splash by Ron Randall from Marvel’s Solo #1.


There’s also strip art including the second earliest known Hagar the Horrible Sunday by Dik Brown, a great Mac Raboy Flash Gordon Sunday, an early Boba Fett appearance Star Wars daily by Rick Hoberg and Russ Manning, a 1958 Superman daily strip by Curt Swan, and a Bloom County daily by Berkely Breathed. Furthermore, we're offering up Joe Jusko’s first ever published Conan the Barbarian illustration from Savage Sword of Conan #55, a page of sketches and a remarqued print by Frank Frazetta, Al Milgrom’s recreation of the cover to Super-Villain Team-Up #12, a pin-up by Pat Broderick from Spectacular Spider-Man #223, a painted trading card illustration by Mike Kaluta, a page of Dr. Strange character designs by Chris Bachalo, an amazing Moon Knight try-out page by Stephen Platt, and illustrations by John Byrne, Mike Mignola, George Perez, Geof Darrow, Stan Sakai, and Ashley Wood.


Click here to view all original art lots up for auction! Auction ends Jun. 5!

We’re incredibly proud of the quality and selection of artwork available, and there’s so many more great pieces up for bidding, please check out the entire selection to make sure you don’t miss out on any hidden gems.

All original art listings end June 5, 2023, beginning at 7:00 PM EST. Email ComicConnect’s Original Art Coodinator & Buyer, Micah Spivak, at, or call him toll-free at (888) 779-7377 with any questions about your collection.


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