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Event Auction XLVIII Highlight: Golden Age Comics

Investment collectors have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to win one of the highest graded copies of Superman #1 in the known universe in our very own Event Auction #48. The next owner will only be the third the book has ever known, off the market since 1979. Add in the Action Comics #1 CGC 3.0, and this is one of the biggest Superman auctions ever launched. Bidders seeking the biggest keys, the most highly sought-after treasures, and the rarest of the Golden Age utilize the ComicConnect team and our auctions to supplement their collectibles portfolios.


In addition to the Superman #1 CGC 7.0, Golden Age key collectors may choose from: Whiz Comics #2(#1) CGC 6.0, Archie Comics #1 CGC 4.0, Flash Comics #1 CGC 2.0, and Batman #1 CGC 0.5 (Q)


Detective Comics #29 CGC 6.5 (C), Superman #1 CGC 0.5, Action Comics #1 (Page 1 only), and Human Torch #23 CGC 9.2


Real Life Comics #3 CGC 6.0, All Winners Comics #12 CGC 9.0, Superman #17 CGC 5.5, and Crime Does Not Pay #24 CGC 3.0


A Batman bound volume including every Batman story from 1939-1943 including Detective Comics #27, Batman #1, and World’s Best #1 and a Superman bound volume lot including issues #14-30.


Get a cash advance towards paying your auction wins by consigning to our next Event Auction. For assistance with your investment collectibles portfolio, call 212-260-4147.


The auction end-dates are as follows:


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