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Event Auction XLVIII Highlight: Original Art

Event Auction #48 features an impressive selection of over 300 pieces of original comic and animation art. We are constantly working to bring the best art possible to auction so that collectors have a wide variety of pieces to choose from.

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Headlining the comic art is Gil Kane’s classic cover to the debut issue of The Inhumans first solo title from 1975 and two very rare, early Golden Age Batman pages by Jerry Robinson, one from Batman #14 and another from Detective Comics #79. There’s also Nick Cardy’s cover to Superman #275, a beautiful Barry Smith page from Conan #6, the cover to Rawhide Kid #71 by Larry Lieber, a page from The Crimson Dynamo’s first appearance in Tales of Suspense #46 by Don Heck, a Mike Sekowsky page from the second appearance of The Justice League in Brave in the Bold #29, and a stunning Joe Sinnott Silver Surfer piece inked over a copy of Jack Kirby’s original pencils. 


Another highlight up for auction are several jam pieces, starting with not one, but two huge banners from a Jack Kirby tribute from shortly after his passing, these pieces were signed and sketched by artists as a memorial to Kirby’s greatness, dozens of artists and colleagues paid tribute to Jack through these incredibly unique and truly one-of-a kind items. We also have two jam pieces from the late 80s/early 90s, one featuring DC characters and the other Marvel, the DC jam features a drawing of Superman by a young Jim Lee that is supposedly the first time he ever was paid to draw Superman, the Marvel piece features wonderful drawings by Steve Rude, Adam Hughes, and Mike Mignola.



In addition to those we also have Jack Kirby pages from Captain America #200 and Gunsmoke Western #70, a page from Avengers #12 by Don Heck, a hand-colored pin-up of Spider-Man from Marvel Tales #130 by Marshall Rogers, Gene Colan’s page 1 splash from Tomb of Dracula #35, a page by Mike Allred from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman #54, a John Buscema splash page from Thor #211, along with a page by John and Sal Buscema from Fantastic Four #299. We also have John Byrne’s cover to Superman and Batman: Generations 3 #6, the cover to The New Adventures of Superboy #41 by Gil Kane, the Punisher: War Zone #33 cover by Joe Kubert, the beautiful cover to Nova #11 by Humberto Ramos, and Gary Frank’s cover to Batman #23.


The original art session also features a great Captain Marvel Jr. page from Master Comics #112 by Kurt Schaffenberger, a page from Cerebus #70 by Dave Sim, Simon Bisley’s Kirby Monster variant to New Avengers #2, a page from G.I. Joe Special Missions #17 by Herb Trimpe, Mark Bagley’s cover to Ultimate Spider-Man #87, a painted page from David Wenzel’s adaptation of The Hobbit, a page from Iron Man #16 by George Tuska and Johnny Craig, two classic Comic’s Buyers Guide covers by Terry Beatty and Ruddy Navarro, the classic 70s horror cover to Ghosts #76 by Luis Dominguez, along with pieces by Mike Mignola, Dean Motter, George Perez, Bill Sienkiewicz, Tom Lyle, Andy Smith, and Rick Veitch, and classic strip art from Ernie Bushmiller and Al Capp.


We also have 14 pages from the classic Ed Brubaker/Steve Epting/Michael Lark run on Captain America, all from the storyline that introduced the Winter Soldier and was the basis for the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier. There’s also four beautiful color recreations by Golden Age legend Shelly Moldoff, including a Batman/Joker piece, as well as pieces featuring The Spectre and Hawkman.


For fans of gaming we have a very rare piece of art from TSR, the cover to the 1988 issue of The Mail Order Hobby Shop, which, in the days before the internet, was the go-to place for all of your gaming needs.


For fans of fine art we’re thrilled to offer a painting by the legendary pin-up artist Antonio Vargas, a portrait of Cynthia Myers, Playboy’s Playmate of the Month form December 1968 as well as a large painted rendition of the classic Rolling Stones tongue and lips logo by the artist who designed it, John Pasche.


There’s also a selection of art from the world of animation, including pieces from Chuck Jones, Looney Tunes, Disney, Heavy Metal, Virgil Ross, and many more, and an assortment of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle art in our dedicated turtle section in session two, including a cover by co-creator Kevin Eastman.

That’s all literally just the tip of the iceberg, please check out the entire auction to see all of the great artwork up for bidding, there’s something for collectors of all types and all budgets.

Click here to view all Original Art items up for auction! Ends December 13th-14th!


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