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Event Auction #50 Highlight: Original Art

Event Auction #50 features another stellar selection of original comic artwork. Our consignors really came through and provided us with one of the best assortments we’ve ever had the privilege of offering. With the art market taking off there’s never been a better time to jump in, or to bolster collections with great new pieces.

Click here to view all of the Original Art lots up for auction! Ends June 6th!


Our selection of covers, both new and old, is jam packed with top notch pieces, headlined by John Buscema’s cover to Fantastic Four #126, the first ever homage to Jack Kirby’s cover to FF #1. Another highlight is John Romita Sr.’s black and white line art version of the cover to the classic Son of Origins of Marvel Comics, this piece was created for use in advertising where the painted cover couldn’t be reproduced, a stunning piece in its own right. There’s also the great John Byrne cover to Marvel Team-Up #68 featuring Spider-Man and the Man-Thing, Mike Zeck’s classic cover to Captain America #284, and M.D. Bright’s cover to the Captain Marvel Giant-Size Special #1, the first solo book to feature the Monica Rambeau iteration of the character that is soon to be included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There’s also painted covers by Alex Ross from Amazing Spider-Man #800, Bill Sienkiewicz’s variant cover to Batman Who Laughs #1, and Joseph Linsner’s cover to Vampirella vs. Purgatori #1. We also have Rich Buckler’s cover to Amazing Spider-Man #279, Amazing Adventure #24 featuring Killraven, and Beware #3 in addition to covers by Michael Turner, David Finch, Ryan Stegman, Pablo Marcos, Mark Bagley, Pascual Ferry, Stephen Bissette, Simone Bianchi, Mike Vosburg, and unpublished covers by Tim Truman and Michael Bair.


The selection of interior pages isn’t to be missed either, with Barry Smith’s Vision splash from Avengers #66 leading the pack. There’s also a Hulk page featuring The Leader from Tales to Astonish #69, as well as pages 12 and 13 from Mister Miracle #14 by Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko pages from Creepy #16, Avengers Annual #13 (with inks from John Byrne!), as well as a Ditko inked page over Dick Ayers pencils from Sgt. Fury #15. Speaking of Byrne, up for auction is a great page from Superman #7 as well as a page from the New Teen Titans Annual #2 with inks from José Luis García-López, Byrne’s only Titans headlining story, as well as the only time he was inked by García-López. We also have two pages from Bill Sienkiewicz’s seminal run on Moon Knight, a stellar page from #24 as well as a splash page from his back-up story from #37, as well as Moon Knight pages from Spectacular Spider-Man #22 by Mike Zeck (the first Moon Knight/Spidey crossover) and a page from Moon Knight’s fourth appearance in Marvel Spotlight #29 by Don Perlin. There’s also a great Todd McFarlane page from Incredible Hulk #338, a title page from E.C. Comics’ Weird Fantasy #20 by Severin and Elder, a Jim Mooney and John Romita page from a Spider-Man promotional book, Morbius, the Living Vampire pages from Fear #26 by Frank Robbins and #24 by P. Craig Russell. The auction also features a Bernie Wrightson  page from Batman: The Cult #4, page one from Excalibur #1 by Alan Davis, John Buscema’s wonderful splash page from Conan the Barbarian #52, a page from Daredevil #69 featuring the Black Panther, and from Jim Starlin we have a swampy splash page featuring the Man-Thing from Fear #12 as well as his very first superhero page from Iron Man #53.


If that wasn’t enough to get you exited, we also have a great splash page by Butch Guice from the classic 1980s X-Men and The Micronauts #2, an Al Milgrom page featuring the original Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel Presents #6, a stunning page from Machine Man #3 from the incomparable Barry Windsor-Smith, a page from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman #54 by Mike Allred, and a page from The Nam #4 by Michael Golden. There’s also Rich Buckler‘s splash page from Daredevil #101 as well as a Buckler page from Spectacular Spider-Man #116 featuring Spidey in his black symbiote suit battling Sabretooth. Also featured is a Detective Comics #593 page by Norm Breyfogle, a page from Cosmic Odyssey #1 by Mike Mignola, a beautiful page from Cerebus #118 by Dave Sim and Gerhard, and the very first interior appearance of Lady Bullseye, who was featured in Marvel’s Hit Monkey Hulu series, by Clay Mann from 2008’s Daredevil #111.


We’re also pleased to offer two of the most significant pieces of early 80s independent comics that we’ve ever had the privilege to bring to auction. From the seminal, groundbreaking series Love and Rockets created by brothers Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez, we present one of the most important and memorable pages from the entire series, which is still going strong 40 years after it debuted in 1982. From issue #2 we present the very first page from Jaime Hernandez’s long running Mechanics storyline. While the characters of Maggie and Hopey appear in issue #1 they’re story doesn’t begin in earnest until #2, and this is the page that kicks off the whole thing, featuring the introduction of the storytelling technique of Maggie’s letters to Hopey that would define the early stories. We also have the wonderful, complete two page story tiled ‘Love and Rockets’ from issue #3, the earliest example of them using the title of the book as a story title, and also showcasing some of Jaime’s earliest experiments with writing style and subtle humanism. Love and Rockets hit comics like a sea change, inspiring the generations that followed with what was possible and setting the stage for the boom of serious, adult comics that continues to this day. These pages have been in a collection since the early 80s and are coming to market for the first time since their creation.


In addition to all of that we have two illustrations by Dave Gibbons created for the Watchmen film, one featuring Rorschach, and the other with Rorschach, Nite Owl, and the Silk Spectre, Who’s Who in the DC Universe pin-ups by Brian Stelfreeze and Carmine Infantino, the fabulous Godzilla vs. Hedorah illustration by Geof Darrow created for the Criterion Collection, a wonderful oil painting by Jeffrey Jones, an advertising image by John Watkiss created to promote season 3 of the Walking Dead TV show, illustrations by Bernie Wrightson, Jack Davis, Walt Kelly, Basil Wolverton, Gary Frank, Joe Giella, Shelly Moldoff, Sanjulian, Alex Maleev, Michael Zulli, and many more. 

All of that is just a small selection of the wide variety available in the auction, there are over 300 lots to choose from, including an exciting selection of European artists. Session one also includes some wonderful pieces of animation art, an assortment of rare signed books, and limited edition prints and portfolios. The variety is outstanding, there’s sure to be something that would enhance the collection of even the most discerning collector. Be sure to check out the entire auction so as not to miss anything.  

Click here to view all of the Original Art lots up for auction! Ends June 6th!


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