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Event Auction Highlight: Marvelous Marvel Mystery Run

“This may be the most colossal, stupendous, astonishing, marvelous, coolest, incredible collection we’ve ever offered!” Vincent Zurzolo, co-founder of ComicConnect, exclaimed. “Words simply cannot express how utterly thrilling, impossible, and amazing it is for ComicConnect to offer the complete Marvel Mystery Comics run on top of the Marvel Comics #1 Kansas City Copy.”

Click here to view all Marvel Mystery lots of up for auction! Auction ends Sept 19-23rd!


Marvel Comics #1 and Marvel Mystery Comics were the first comic and series published by Timely Comics, later Marvel. The series introduced Golden Age legends Human Torch, Sub-Mariner, Angel, Ka-Zar, and the Western legend, the Masked Hero. With the run lasting through 1946, many of the stories, and some of the most collected covers, touched on World War II and the character’s battles against the Axis powers.

“I’ve bid in comic book auctions for decades and I can’t recall ever having the opportunity we’re presenting to our clientele,” said Vincent Zurzolo, co-founder. “For a single collector to amass the complete run, in great condition, replete with pedigrees, and then to offer all at once, is unheard of.”



Zurzolo pointed out highlights like Marvel Mystery Comics #4 3.5 (1st Sub-Mariner cover), Marvel Mystery Comics #7 8.0, Marvel Mystery Comics #36 7.0 Chicago Copy (Nazi invasion of NYC cover), Marvel Mystery Comics #44 6.0 (WWII super plane cover), Marvel Mystery Comics #46 6.0 (classic Hitler cover), and Marvel Mystery Comics #82 9.0 (1st app. of Namora).

Click here to view all Marvel Mystery lots of up for auction! Auction ends Sept 19-23rd!

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