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Event Auction Highlight: Original Comic Art

We’re back with Event Auction #52 and with it another stellar selection of original comic art, over 350 pieces covering every facet of comics from the Golden Age up to today. The auction features pieces from some of comics most legendary artists through to some of the superstars of tomorrow, there’s sure to be something of interest to every collector, new and old alike.

The original comic art market continues to grow, with new collectors coming into the hobby at a rapid pace, and prices showing no signs of slowing. This has resulted in an infusion of art coming out of collections, bringing fresh pieces to market for the first time in decades, and some for the first time ever. We’re all proud of the selection up for auction and can’t wait to see collectors vie to add them to their collections.

 Click here to view all Art lots of up for auction! Auction ends December 12th!!


The auction is highlighted by the incredible, complete 8-page story ‘Change.. Into Something Comfortable’ by the legendary Richard Corben from Creepy #58, which you can read all about here. But that’s hardly the only exceptional piece of art up for bidding, we have a great selection of classic Silver and Bronze age covers, including Neal Adams’ cover to Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #91, Rich Buckler’s cove to Brave and the Bold #137 featuring Batman and The Demon, Jim Aparo’s cover to Detective Comics #496, the cover to Thor #284 by Dave Cockrum, Mike Sekowsky’s cover to Showcase #92 featuring Manhunter 2070, the first appearance of Richard Dragon and the Bronze Tiger on the cover to Richard Dragon Kung-Fu Fighter #1 by Dick Giordano, and for 70s TV fans, Bob Oksner’s cover to Welcome Back Kotter #10.


The auction also features many other extraordinary pieces, including a historic piece from the very first appearance of the Swamp Thing in House of Secrets #92, Bernie Wrightson’s unused pencils for the first two panels of page 1 of the story, drawn almost a full year before the book would be published, as well as Wrightson’s hand-painted color guide for the published version of page 1. There’s also a gorgeous Galactus splash by John Buscema from Silver Surer: Judgment Day, an action page by Jack Kirby from Thor #154, John Byrne pages from Fantastic Four #248 and Sensational She-Hulk #48. For Spider-Man fans we have a stunning page from Amazing Spider-Man #158 featuring Spidey in action against Doctor Octopus by Ross Andru, a fantastic splash page featuring Spidey, Cobra, and Mister Hyde from Amazing Spider-Man #231 and a page from Contest of Champions #1 featuring the X-Men by John Romita Jr., three early black suit Spider-Man pages by Al Milgrom from Spectacular Spider-Man #92, pages 3, 12, and 21, a great Spidey vs. The Hulk page from Web of Spider-Man #69 by Alex Saviuk, and one of Mark Bagley’s earliest Spider-Man pages from What If? #4.


Continuing with the amazing pieces up for auction we have Sanjulian’s painted cover to Creepy #51, a page from Machine Man #1 by Barry Windsor-Smith, rare pages by Steve Ditko from Machine Man #’s 15, 16, an 18, as well as a page from Avengers Annual #15, a Carmine Infantino page from Star Wars #28 featuring the first expanded universe appearance of Jabba the Hutt in his original design, four years before Return of the Jedi. There’s also more covers, including Wolverine #97 by Adam Kubert, Shi: The Way of the Warrior #4 by Billy Tucci, the first cover from the original series ever to go up for sale, Bill Sienkiewicz’s painted cover to Alias (1990) #1, Avengers #312 by Paul Ryan, Amazing Spider-Man #90.BEY cover pencils by Mark Bagley, the brown and tan suit variant from Return of Wolverine #1 by Steve McNiven, History of the Marvel Universe #1 by Scot Eaton, as well as covers by Steve Mannion, James Harren, Christopher Moeller, Ed Benes, Dave Dorman, Andrew MacLean, and a beautiful unpublished painted Silver Surfer: Requiem cover by Esad Ribic.


We also have a beautiful two page sequence of painted pages by Alex Ross from Justice #4, pages 4 and 5, an Adam Kubert double spread from Uncanny X-Men #369, Herb Trimpe pages from Incredible Hulk #145 (inked by John Severin!), Godzilla #7, and Shogun Warriors #10, a great page from Detective Comics #531 by Gene Colan, an Irv Novick splash page from Batman #334, a Sea Devils page from Showcase #28 by Russ Heath, a page from G.I. Combat #52 by Joe Kubert, Sheldon Moldoff’s 7th ever Batman Sunday strip from 1966, a Tim Sale splash page featuring Kraven the Hunter from Spider-Man: Blue, a remarkable page by Steve Epting from Captain America #6, a double page title splash by Richard Case from Grant Morrison’s celebrated run on Doom Patrol, a Monkeyman and O’Brien page by Art Adams, Alan Davis pages from Excalibur #2 and #55, a Superman vs. Doomsday double splash by Ed McGuiness from Superman #175, a great splash page by Dave Sim from Cerebus #150, and pieces by Bruce Timm, Darwyn Cooke, Michael Turner, Jon J. Muth, Charles Vess from Neil Gaiman’s Stardust, Terry Dodson, Bryan Hitch, Stephen Hughes, and John Paul Leon.


Lastly, we have three beautiful paintings of Mad’s Alfred E. Neuman from the Spring ’71 Mad Special by Bob Clarks, Alfred as Tut-Ankh-Neuman, Alfred the Chicken-Hearted, and Abraham Neuman.


That’s just a small sampling of the artwork available in the auction, make sure to check out the entire session to see all of the wonderful pieces up for auction.

 Click here to view all Art lots of up for auction! Auction ends December 12th!!


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