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Event Auction Highlight: Video Tapes


Everyone has a favorite movie, and as the decades pass, sealed VHS tapes become scarcer. Own a piece of media history today, with a hefty collection of tapes in Event Auction #52. From Classics such as the First Print copies of “The Breakfast Club” (1985), the Stephen King classic “Christine” (1984), and Silvester Stallone’s classic “First Blood” (1982). 

Click here to view all Video Tape lots of up for auction! Auction ends December 12th!!


Don’t miss out on the holy grail of horror movies, a high-grade 1981 copy of the John Carpenter classic “Halloween”. With such an early copy, this is potentially the highest grade on Earth! Alongside this ancient copy of “Halloween”, we also have a 1997 copy of “Halloween” signed by Tony Moran, who played Michael Myers in the 1978 classic “Halloween”. Speaking of the highest grade on Earth, other titles include a high grade-copy of the Lloyd Kaufman classic “Toxic Avenger”, with a box and seal grade of 9.5!


Comic fans will love “Batman” (1989), “Batman: The Movie” (1989), and “Captain America: The Origin of Captain America” (1985), with a high grade 9.5 grade. A Video8 copy of “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” and “Airplane!” (1986) with beautiful seal grades and box grades. Let’s not forget a 1990 copy of “Star Wars” and “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock” (1986). 


Horror Fans, check out the controversial “Traces of Death”, which contains a collection of archived film and borrowed stock footage, notorious for its pointless exploitative content. “Texas Chainsaw Massacre II” (1986), “Nekromantik 2” (1992), ‘’Ghoulies” (1985), and “From Beyond”. There’s more horror where that came from, explore VHS tapes in Event Auction #52.

Click here to view all Video Tape lots of up for auction! Auction ends December 12th!!


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