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Event Auction Highlight: The Kentucky Collection
Auction Boasts Keys, High-Grade Batman Run

When the owners of the world’s greatest collections choose to market their investments, ComicConnect gets the call. “Like so many collectors, the owner of The Kentucky Collection procured his comics through us over thirty years,” explained Vincent Zurzolo, COO. “He’s always been a stickler for buying nothing but the highest of quality, and the collection was painstakingly curated through many years of diligent effort.”


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Highlights includes Batman #1 CGC 8.0, All Star Comics #3 CGC 9.4, Archie Comics #1 CGC 8.0, All Star Comics #8 CGC 6.5 R, Daredevil #1 CGC 9.4, Action Comics #7 CGC 7.0 R, All Flash #1 CGC 9.0, plus even more high-grade Batman comics with #2 CGC 8.0, #3 CGC 8.5, #4 CGC 8.5, and #5 CGC 8.5. 


Still more keys: More Fun Comics #73 CGC 7.0 R, All-American Comics #61 CGC 8.0 R, Daredevil Comics #1 CGC 8.0, Flash Comics #92 CGC 9.0, More Fun Comics #53 CGC 7.0 R, Jackpot Comics #4 CGC 7.5, Flash Comics #86 CGC 4.5, Flash #105 CGC 8.0 R, and over 1200 more Golden and Silver Age comics.


“The consignor is one of the biggest Green Lantern fans on the planet,” Zurzolo added. “He loves the comics and has enjoyed owning them, but he felt now, with the market exploding, was the perfect time to let them go.”


Each lot in the Kentucky Collection is available for time payments. A 15% buyer’s premium will be added at the conclusion of bidding. ComicConnect is looking for their next great collection, call them at 888-779-7377 or email support@comicconnect.com for assistance. Interest-free cash advances are available.

Click here to view all of The Kentucky Collection up for auction! Ends April 15-16, 2021!

The auction end-dates are as follows:

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