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It seems like new comic-based TV shows and movies are announced daily.  With so much Hollywood comic book action happening, even we can barely keep up! THUS OUR COMIC BOOK MOVIE UPDATE PAGE IS BORN!  This is your one-stop shop for keys and comics sure to explode in value due to upcoming comic book movies and TV series.  Listed below are the most recently announced and rumored properties, with links to the keys and/or series that inspired them, giving you instant buying power and an edge on the competition!  Check back often, as we'll be updating this page when new features, TV shows, and video games are announced, and we're getting new copies of these keys in all the time.  DON'T GIVE UP!  IF WE'RE OUT OF THE KEY YOU'RE LOOKING FOR, EMAIL US AND BE ADDED TO OUR WANT LIST SYSTEM!  We'll let you know as soon as copies arrive.  Also be sure to check our Auction Schedule for Auction listings, and consignments being sold directly by our world-class clientele.  EXCLESIOR!


AGENTS OF SHIELD (TV SERIES):  S.H.I.E.L.D. first appearance Strange Tales #135 and Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1; Peggy Carter first appearance Tales of Suspense #77.
BLACK LIGHTNING (TV SERIES): first appearance Black Lightning #1.
THE FLASH (TV SERIES):  first Silver Age appearance Showcase #4; first solo issue Flash #105.
RIVERDALE (TV SERIES): first appearance Pep Comics #22, first solo issue Archie #1.
SUPERGIRL (TV SERIES):  first appearance Action Comics #252.
WALKING DEAD (TV SERIES):  first issue Walking Dead #1.


MORBIUS: first appearance Amazing Spider-Man #101.
GREEN LANTERN CORPS:  first Silver Age appearance Showcase #22; first solo issue Green Lantern #1.
BLACK WIDOW: first appearance Tales of Suspense #52.
DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS: first appearance Strange Tales #110.
WONDER WOMAN 1984: first appearances All Star Comics #8, Sensation Comics #1, first solo issue Wonder Woman #1.
THE NEW MUTANTS: first appearance Marvel Graphic Novel #4; first solo issue The New Mutant #1.
FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER: first appearance Captain America #117 (Falcon), Captain America #6 (Winter Soldier).


SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS: first appearance Special Marvel Edition #15.
THE BATMAN: first appearance Detective Comics #27, first solo issue Batman #1.
THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER: first appearance Journey into Mystery #83 (Thor), Thor #1 2014 (Jane Foster as Thor).
SPIDER-MAN 3 (UNTITLED): first appearance Amazing Fantasy #15.
BLACK PANTHER 2: first appearance Fantastic Four #52.
WANDAVISION: first appearance X-Men #4 (Scarlet Witch), Avengers #57 (Vision).
LOKI: first appearance Journey into Mystery #85.
WHAT IF?: first appearance Exiles #3(Captain Carter), Ultimate Fantastic Four #21(Marvel Zombies).
HAWKEYE: first appearance Tales of Suspense #57 (Hawkeye), Young Avengers #1 (Kate Bishop), Young Avengers #12 (Kate Bishop as Hawkeye).
SUICIDE SQUAD 2: first appearance The Brave and the Bold #25.
BLACK ADAM: first appearance The Marvel Family #1.


BLADE: first appearance Tomb of Dracula #10.
THE FLASH: first appearance Showcase #4.
SHE-HULK: first appearance Savage She-Hulk #1.
MOON KNIGHT: first appearance Werewolf By Night #32.
MS. Marvel: first appearance Captain Marvel #14 (Kamala Khan), Ms. Marvel #1 (as Ms. Marvel).


ARROW (TV SERIES): Green Arrow first appearance More Fun Comics #73; first Silver Age appearance The Brave and the Bold #85.
CLOAK AND DAGGER (TV SERIES): first appearance Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #64; early appearance Marvel Team-Up Annual 6.
DAREDEVIL (NETFLIX TV SERIES): first Silver Age appearance Daredevil #1.
THE DEFENDERS (NETFLIX MINI-SERIES): first appearance Marvel Feature #1.
GOTHAM (TV SERIES): Batman first appearance Detective Comics #27, first solo issue Batman #1.
IRON FIST (NETFLIX TV SERIES): first appearance Marvel Premier #15.
JESSICA JONES (NETFLIX TV SERIES): first appearance Alias #1.
LEGION (TV SERIES): first appearance New Mutants #25.
LUKE CAGE (NETFLIX TV SERIES): first appearance Hero for Hire #1.
PREACHER (TV SERIES):  first appearance Preacher #1.
PUNISHER (NETFLIX TV SERIES):  first appearance Amazing Spider-Man #129.



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