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Dear Friends and Fellow Collectors,

There were so many record-breaking prices realized in our last auction. Phantom Lady #17 9.4 sold for $128,000 and Batman #1 8.0 went for $598,000. It was a great auction, but what touched me deeply was the amazing response to Robert Letscher’s X-Men Collection. Our estimate was $500,000 and we blew it away with over $607,000 in sales. Robert is battling cancer. The money will help his fight and care for his family. We were humbled to be a part of the sale and so happy to see him do so well. Thank you to all the bidders. This one was special.

Headlining this auction is the highest-graded copy of Action Comics #1, a restored 9.4. The work done on this book is great, it’s a knockout. If you’re looking for your chance at a gorgeous copy without spending millions of dollars, this is your book! The highest-graded copy of the 4th cover app. of Superman, Action #13, 9.2 will astonish. The Mile High Copy of Action #52 CGC 9.4, classic cover by Golden Age great Fred Ray is going home with a new owner too!

Golden Age classics like Whiz #1 9.2 RAll Star #8 5.5Detective #29 5.0 and #38 7.5More Fun #73 8.0Silver Streak #1 9.6the Mile High copies of Mystery Men #5 9.4 and Planet #18 9.4Human Torch #9 9.4 Penn CopyAction #23 2.5Detective #8 8.0, plus a great selection of Captain Americas and Catmans will delight the eyes!

Tons of Silver Age keys like AF #15 8.0FF #1 8.0Hulk #1 7.5Flash #105 and #123 in 9.2Spider-Man #1 6.5 and #3 9.4Journey into Mystery #83 7.5Avengers #1 8.5Tales of Suspense #39 8.0Brave and the Bold #28 8.0X-Men #1 7.0Strange Tales #115 9.6Tales to Astonish #27 7.5#35 9.0, and #13 8.5 will be available to you!

We are excited to showcase part one of Flynn’s Crypt Collection, chock full of pre-code classics. Hundreds of books including titles like HorrificGhostly Weird StoriesBaffling MysteriesOut of the ShadowsBeyond, and Chamber of Chills will make all the gals and ghoulies go ga-ga! Other horror keys like Crime Suspenstories #22 8.5 Gaines File CopyBlack Cat Mystery #50 9.0Tales of Terror Annual #1 4.0, and Weird Mysteries #5 6.5 along with plenty more!

The original art selection has got so much to talk about! The cover to Thor #201 by Gil Kane, a gorgeous Basil Wolverton page from Target Vol 2 #11, two amazing pieces from J. Scott Campbell, the Spider-Man/Mary Jane Spider-Man #2 variant A cover and X-Men Black Juggernaut #1 cover, two rare Star Wars Sundays by Russ Manningtwo Godzilla Painted covers by Bob EggletonMichael Jackson’s Captain EO 3-D pages by Tom Yeates, a slew of Bronze Age Horror covers and so much more!

One last mention, possibly the rarest comic we’ve ever offered, Manhunt #12! Thought to never have been published this copy is the only one ever graded or thought to have been produced. Check this one out for sure!


Vincent Zurzolo, COO

The auction end-dates are as follows:

Session 1 (Original Comic Art, Memorabilia and Comic Titles: Action Comics #1 - Catman Comics) December 9, 2019

Session 2 (Catman Comics - Gangsters and Gun Molls) December 10, 2019

Session 3 (Ghost Rider - Shield-Wizard Comics) December 11, 2019

Session 4 (Shock Suspenstories - Zip-Jet) December 12, 2019

Session 5 (Flynn's Crypt Collection) December 13, 2019

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