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Thank you! Thank you for making 2017 our best year on record. Your bidding, buying, and consignments have helped make the #1 auctioneer of vintage comic books in the world. Many of you don’t know this, but when we started in June 2007 we had a hard time getting consignments. We were committed and believed in what we were offering so we kept at it. We made a breakthrough in early 2009 when we acquired an Action Comics #1 CGC 6.0 which sold for a then record $317,200.00. While our reputation for high-ticket items is what often draws clients to us, it is also our ability to market and promote comics, original art, and toys running the gamut of values that excites people. My partner Stephen and I, along with our entire staff thank you for your patronage. We are very excited about 2018 and this first Event Auction is one reason why!

Our headliners for this auction are Superman vs. Batman. Action Comics #1 CGC 5.0, and Detective Comics #27 CGC 6.0. Both amazing copies showcasing the two most-important characters of the Golden Age of comics are up for auction, $1 start with no reserve!


Golden Age keys abound including Captain America #1 (2 copies)Superman #1 (2 copies), & 14Batman #1, a coverless Detective #27Daredevil Comics #1, a slew of early DetectivesFlash Comics #1Green Lantern #1Jumbo #10Marvel Mystery #s 912, 1719, & 44, Sensation Comics #1Sub-Mariner Comics #1, Suspense Comics #3, and Wonder Woman #1.

High-grade CGC Silver Age from titles like AtomBatmanConanAvengersFantastic FourIron ManAmazing Spider-ManThor, and X-Men. Highlights include X-Men #1 9.4Avengers #1 8.5, & 57 9.6Batman #227 9.6Conan #1 9.6Daredevil #1 9.0FF #s 1 7.54 9.45 9.47 9.410 9.6, & 13-17 9.4Flash #123 9.4Green Lantern #76 9.4Iron Man #s 9-20 9.6Journey into Mystery #83 8.0, and 7.5,Strange Tales #110 8.5Tales of Suspense #39 8.5, and Thor #126 9.6.

CGC Bronze, Copper, and Modern Age offerings include Spider-Man #129 9.8Incredible Hulk #181 9.6Iron Man #55 9.8Avengers #93 9.6 Suscha News, just to name a few.

A complete run of the incredibly popular 1950’s horror title, Mystery Tales, from the Second City Collection, is available! The Second City Collection is an impressive single-owner collection. Wait ‘til you see the rest!!!

Original Art includes another great selection of Walking Dead pages! Other highlights include: John Romita’s original cover art to Avengers #123; the cover to Invaders #13, and a Hulk battle page from Tales to Astonish #88, both by Gil Kane; a dynamic splash from Iron Man #74 by Arvell Jones; an action-packed McFarlane Spider-Man vs. Venom panel page from the classic Amazing Spider-Man #316; and a stunning Barry Windsor Smith X-Men #186 panel page featuring Storm and Forge as well. Last, but not least, the original production art for Superman and the Mole Men one-sheet poster from 1951.

Enjoy this latest offering. As always, thanks so much for your patronage and friendship. It means the world to us.

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The auction end-dates are as follows:
Session 1 (Original Comic Art & Memorabilia) March 19, 2018
Session 2  (Action Comics #1 - Black Laughter #1) March 20, 2018
Session 3  (Black Panther - Fantastic Four) March 21, 2018
Session 4  (Fantastic Four #70 - Showcase) March 22, 2018
Session 5 ( (Showcase #31 - Zip Comics) March 23, 2018

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ComicConnect is currently accepting consignments for their next major auction. Contact them today to reserve space as it is on a first-come first-served basis. Call toll-free 1.888.779.7377 or e-mail their staff at Cash advances up to $5 million are available.


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