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Grade: CGC G: 2.0
Publisher: MLJ
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Wednesday 8/27/2014
Comments: ow/white pgs
2nd app. Archie? (published same month as Pep #22); scarce! 1st Mrs. Grundy; Classic Steel Sterling headshot splash; headlights cvr
CGC G: 2.0
Having garnered success with the teen funnies market with Wilbur, Bob Montana once again struck pay dirt with Archie, soon to become a household name and one of the most recognizable of American icons. At this point, however, he was just a clumsy, awkward, lovable (and love-struck) teen, with his cast of characters slowly but surely building one by one. This early appearance features the debut of Mrs. Grundy, another instantly relatable character meant to evoke nostalgic pangs from readers toiling away in their own small-town schoolrooms under the watchful eye of disapproving matronly instructors. This issue is also notable for featuring the second appearnce of Archie Andrews, which was published right after his first appearance in Pep #22.

Early Archies are very hot, and this appearance, among the rarest of initial Archie exploits, is always greeted with excitement when we have copies on offer. Bid early and often!

Overstreet Guide 2013 GD (2.0) value = $1,000.