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Grade: CGC VF/NM: 9.0
Publisher: DC
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Comments: white pgs; Solicitation Copy; comes with an extremely rare collection of original promotional documents
origin Wonder Woman; Marston story, H.G. Peter cvr/art
The Marc Lasry Collection
Highest Graded
CGC VF/NM: 9.0
Wonder Woman was a vital addition to the superhero pantheon as William Moulton Marston's complex comic concept was one of the few Golden Age creations whose style and format were dead-on from the start, resulting in a nearly unbroken run of quality throughout the WWII-era. After her auspicious debut in All Star Comics #8, Wonder Woman earned her own book with Sensation Comics, the title that proved to be such a break-out success that DC introduced Wonder Woman #1 in the summer of 1942. This issue contains four tales of groundbreaking heroinism, the first of which re-tells the character's origin story. There's been plenty of debate over the quality of some of the recent additions to the DCEU, but all but the most cynical of hearts agree that Gal Gadot's portrayal of Wonder Woman was a knockout, and the upcoming sequel will further serve to drive the value of this book. Early Wonder Woman comics are still heavily undervalued in our humble estimation which means that there is loads of headroom for these books to shoot up in value.

When DC were about to launch their first superheroine, they knew they had something special on their hands. Where previous heroes had been beefy, masculine, adolescent power fantasies created by immigrant artists and hungry young cartoonists, this was something altogether different. Wonder Woman was a deliberately feminist-minded, artfully designed creation from a pop psychologist who was passionate about women's issues. To present this new creation in the best possible light, DC took several unprecedented steps, including debuting the character in two anthology titles nearly simultaneously (All Star 8, then Sensation Comics 1) before launching a solo series for the Amazon Princess; and this extraordinary set of promotional materials, of which this is likely the only copy to survive. Presumably sent to editors at all of the major American weekly and monthly magazines, this pair of press packets for the first two issues were found in the papers of a former editor of Harper's Magazine. The promotional packages show the extent to which DC was determined to make a splash in the mainstream market with the exciting new creation of William Moulton Marston, Wonder Woman.

Let's make this perfectly clear: we've never, ever, seen or heard of anything else like this from the early days of comics, making this not only the only example of this set known to exist, but quite possibly the first time a major publisher used modern PR tactics to get their new comic character in front of a mass audience.

Note the contents of the letter sent with issue 2, showing that DC (then All-American) associate editor Alice Marble was obviously succeeding in her goal of making contact and was continuing to have an impact on editors and publishers at major journals, as evidenced in the clipping from the Hartford Courant. Leave alone the fact that these first two issues of Wonder Woman almost never come to market in shape like this -- the historical significance by itself makes owning these copies necessary for any well-heeled Wonder Woman collector or historian. Long undervalued, Golden Age Wonder Woman issues are finally getting the respect due by collectors and investors, and issue 1 has absolutely exploded in value. With the upcoming movie release propelling the character back into the public eye, we expect demand to rise even higher. Combine the demand, the condition, and the historical significance, and this may be one of the most-important comic book lots offered in years.

Comes with an extremely rare collection of original promotional documents sent with Wonder Woman #1 to Harper's Magazine, including: the cover letter to Harper's editorial staff signed by associate editor Alice Marble; a copy of the original press release promoting the first solo issue of the Amazon Princess; a copy of WW creator William Moulton Marsten's Women: Servants For Civilization; and a press-ready photo of Marble perusing the first issue of Wonder Woman, along with a Business Reply Card example used for readers to suggest Wonder Woman of History for the title's text section.

Overstreet Guide 2016 VF/NM (9.0) value = $60,000.

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