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Monthly AuctionCASPER, THE FRIENDLY GHOST '49-'51 #1
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Grade: CGC G/VG: 3.0
Publisher: St. John
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Monday 4/23/2018
Comments: off white pgs
extremely SCARCE!!! 1st Casper and Baby Huey
St. John
CGC G/VG: 3.0
Casper the Friendly Ghost has become so completely identified with Harvey Comics that is sometimes startles fans to learn that his history goes back even further, having been first created in the late 1930s as a potential daily strip character, then quickly snapped up by the content-hungry Paramount Animated division. Paramount enjoyed roaring success with Casper throughout the 1940s in a series of classic short cartoons, and the popularity of the character led to merchandising aplenty, including this first comic appearance from the scrappy publishing house of Archer St. John. Thanks to St. John's spotty distribution and lower print runs, and the character's reader base being made up mostly of very young readers who treat their comics a little more roughly than usual, this issue is now incredibly rare, among the most coveted of non-hero keys, and never fails to generate intense excitement when it makes its rare appearance on the comic market. A truly seminal first issue, that helped show the way for comics publishers and readers tiring of funny animal slapstick but looking for something lighter than the usual cape-bearing punch-fests.
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