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Event AuctionFLASH, THE 1959-85 #123
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Grade: CGC NM-: 9.2
Publisher: DC
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Tuesday 12/10/2019
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re-intro Golden Age Flash; classic "Flash of Two Worlds" cover; 1st Earth II
FLASH, THE 1959-85 #123
CGC NM-: 9.2
One of the most important and historic comic books ever published, without which, DC's entire modern Universe may not have come into being. The success of "Flash of Two Worlds" encouraged DC to revive many of its Golden Age characters. Eventually, crossovers between the two Earths would become an annual feature in the Justice League of America comics, beginning with issue #21, "Crisis on Earth-One!" (August 1963), and culminating in the 12-issue mini-series, Crisis on Infinite Earths. The cover itself has become an iconic image, and has been referenced in the covers to Flash v.1 #147 (Sep. 1964), Dark Horse Presents #67 (November 1992), Flash v.2 #123 (Mar. 1997), and Impulse #70 (Mar. 2001), among others.

This is a beautiful, pristine, and solid copy of an important classic Silver Age key, bright hues assault the senses as the duo of Flashes speed forth in tandem, while simultaneously launching a new outcropping of the DC franchise, Thanks to the success of his TV series, the Scarlet Speedster has once again made claim to his well-deserved position at the top of DC's hero rankings. Overstreet Guide 2019 NM- (9.2) value = $8,500.