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Comic Book Grading

  • Thinking about selling your comics but don't know what they are worth?
  • Tired of paying high prices to grading services and then waiting months to get your comics back?
  • Trying to insure your comics but don't know for how much?
  • Do you just want to know the value of the comic books you own but don't know how to grade?
  • Are you trying to set up an estate evaluation for your loved ones?
Our team of graders has over 100 years of experience combined. We've graded hundreds of thousands of comics over the last 35 years! Both founders of ComicConnect, Stephen Fishler and Vincent Zurzolo, are internationally recognized experts in comic book evaluation.  In fact, Stephen is the creator of the 10 point numeric grading scale used throughout the comic collecting and investing community. Vincent, having appeared and been quoted on numerous television news programs, reality show appearances, newspaper, website and magazine articles has become the face of vintage comic collecting and investing around the world.

How it Works

When you submit your comics to the ComicConnect Grading Service they will receive:

Accurate Grading- Our experts grade each comic book carefully using a proprietary method based on the industry accepted Overstreet Grading Standards. Each comic is analyzed, reviewed and then given a numeric and nomenclature grade.

Quick Check Restoration Review- ComicConnect will perform a preliminary review of each comic for amateur and professional restoration. If restoration is detected it will be included in your evaluation. If the restoration can be removed or if it can be reapplied in a more professional manner to increase the value of your comic you will be advised as well and given a price quote from a renowned restoration expert.

Grade Improvement potential- Pressing has become one of the best ways to improve the value of your comics. Dents, folds, light creases, waviness and bends can be removed through a professional pressing process. We offer a review for each comic submitted. If pressing is a viable option we can submit your comics to a professional pressing service.

Encapsulation Advisement- To increase marketability and value, sometimes a comic would benefit from 3rd party encapsulation. In this event our experts will advise you and can submit your comics to the best and most affordable company for your comic.

Fair & Fast Fee Structure

Comic Value Turn Around Retail Price
Comics valued up to $100 30 Business Days $5.00 per comic (minimum order of $100.00)
Comics valued from $101-$1,000 21 Business Days $10 per comic
Comics valued from $1,001-$5,000 14 Business Days $25 per comic
Comics valued from $5,001-$10,000 7 Business Days $50 per comic
Comics valued over $10,000 Same Day $100 per comic
Here is the best part of our service, if after the evaluation you decide you want to sell your comics through one of ComicConnect's record-breaking auctions, our grading services are 100% FREE!
Questions? Please feel free to contact ComicConnect Toll Free at 888.779.7377 or email
Disclaimer: Clients are paying for ComicConnect's opinion. There is no guarantee our grades will be accepted by every dealer, collector, grading service or investor in the market. That is impossible. Our Quick Check Restoration Review is for obvious restoration and is a preliminary check only where omission of certain types of restoration may occur. ComicConnect does not count pages on comics submitted.