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X-MEN (1963-2011) #13
CGC NM+: 9.6
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COMMENTS: ow/white pgs; tied for second highest graded!
Kirby cvr/art; 2nd app. Juggernaut
Key Comics Collection
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ow/white pgs; tied for second highest graded!
Kirby cvr/art; 2nd app. Juggernaut
Key Comics Collection
Continuing the saga of the introduction of Charles Xavier's brother, the Juggernaut, this issue is basicallly a nonstop action-fest, an all-out melee between the X-Men and the brutal Juggernaut, whose helmet protects him from Professor X's mental powers. Calling on help from other heroes nearby, the Human Torch shows up in the nick of time to help the exhausted mutants, and they finally manage to subdue their enormous foe. Jean Grey tends to her battered and bruised compatriots after the battle, much to their pleasure. Featuring pencils by Kirby and Jay Gavin and inks by Joe Sinnott, this classic issue is a popular book with X-fans of all ages.

Tied for second-highest graded, this X-Men #13 maintains it's faultless appearance with true colors and perfect regsiatration.

Artists Information

Jack Kirby is called 'The King of Comics' for a reason, during his career that spanned six decades he gave us many of most iconic characters the medium would ever see. From his introduction of Captain America at the height of World War II it was clear he wasn't your ordinary comics artist. But it was his creative explosion at Marvel Comics in the 1960's that cemented his legacy, over a short period of time Kirby would give us The Fantastic Four, Iron Man, The Hulk, The X-Men, Thor, Ant-Man and Nick Fury just to name a few. Kirby would then go to DC and create his Fourth World, introducing Darkseid, Mister Miracle, The New Gods and a host of cosmic supporting players. Long live The King.

Werner Roth is an American comic book artist who's worked with Marvel's predecessor Atlas during the golden age of comics. Werner was also notably the artist who took over the X-men series after Jack Kirby left. Roth's other famous works include Lorna, the Jungle Girl and Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane.