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FANTASTIC FOUR (1961-96; 2003-12) #4
CBCS VF+: 8.5
ENDED ON:  Tuesday, 12/10/2019 2:31 PM
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Kirby cvr/art; 1st SA Sub-Mariner (5/62)
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Kirby cvr/art; 1st SA Sub-Mariner (5/62)
In the spirit of recycling, both DC and Marvel dusted off and rethought their classic Golden Age characters in the rough-and-tumble marketplace of the early Silver Age, including one of the most intriguing and unusual of all Timely creations, the fearsome Sub-Mariner. While the Golden Age Namor was a pulpy, tortured anti-hero, the Silver Age Namor was more aggressively antagonistic, with his antipathy the FF exacerbated by his longing for the fetching Sue Storm. In this first Silver Age appearance of the distinctive character, Lee and Kirby ratchet up the action and drama to a hyperbolic degree, firmly establishing this series as one of the most gloriously inventive of all Silver Age Marvel titles.

This is one of the brightest and cleanest copies of this issue we have come across in some time, you could even say it glows, and just in time for the holidays! But in all seriousness, condition notwithstanding, rumors are swirling about the FF MCU reboot, as well as the eventual introduction of Namor into the cinematic juggernaut, and this is ground zero for anyone who wants to make a canny investment before the price of this issue ineviatably rises, this comic is a smart buy in any condition, but this particular copy is an undeniably beautiful example of this classic.

Overstreet Guide 2019 VF+ (8.5) value = $6,970.