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Hildebrandt, Greg - GREG HILDEBRANDT VICE Sketch
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COMMENTS: Greg Hildebrandt pencils and signed; 18" x 24"
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Greg Hildebrandt pencils and signed; 18" x 24"

This piece is a satirical comment on certain forms of ridiculous men's magazines from the 1950s and 1960s. Greg loves to goof on cheap exploitation stuff; he just thinks it's funny. Mostly they were aimed to have shock value using bizarre juxtaposition of headlines.
Signed by Greg Hildebrandt

Artist Information

Greg Hilderbrandt is an american painter/comic book artist, and twin brother of Tim Hilderbrandt who is also an artist. Collectively they worked on numerous comic books, movie posters and trading card for many years until Tim's unfortunate passing in 2006. Individually Greg has worked on album covers, pin-up art and currently the cover artist for IDW's Star Trek. The brothers Hilderbrandt's most notable work includes, The lord of the rings calender illustrations, Star Wars movie posters and the Magic the Gathering trading cards.