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Event Auction XXXIX Highlight:
Kirby Thor Cover at Auction

Jack Kirby’s cover of Thor #157 portrays the mayhem wrought by the apocalyptic event called Ragnarok. The epic themes of the Thor series gave Kirby the freedom to go above and beyond the scope of many of his Silver Age creations. By employing more grandiose flourishes, the Thor title allowed Kirby to grow as an illustrator and sharpen his abilities. The cover depicts Thor crushed in the gigantic claw of Mangog, a creature that draws his power from hatred, chaos, and destruction.

Jack Kirby original art continues to be a solid investment and a huge draw in our auctions. With the connection between this cover and the blockbuster film "Thor: Ragnarok" this piece will surely draw plenty of attention before the hammer drops, and we are not talking about Mjolnir here folks.


In addition to the cover, the auction has six more Jack Kirby lots up for grabs including page 15 from Captain America #200 with the Falcon, page 3 from Fantastic Four Annual #2 signed by Marvel legends and a nice show of powers by the Thing, page 18 from Journey into Mystery #105, page 29 from Tales of Suspense #94 with a Cap battle scene, and Thor pages from issue #140 and #154.



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