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There is a stunning array of highly desirable comics available in the
final two sessions of our current Event Auction. 

Marvel Comics #1

Marvel Comics #1 CGC 6.0
Twilight Copy

We guarantee there is something sure to please even the most discerning collectors, from the classics of the Golden Age, to the major keys of the Silver Age, through to the biggest Bronze Age books and beyond. There are two runs of near mint EC titles - Haunt of Fear and Vault of Horror, a ton of X-Men goodies, including three copies of X-Men #1 at varying grades, and an amazing group of early Fantastic Fours, and plenty more to feast your eyes on.

Session 4 and 5 showcase an incredible array of vintage comics including Marvel Comics #1 6.0 Twilight Copy, a run of Action Comics starting at #2, 9.4 copies of two classic Joker covers, Detective #62 and 71All Star #8Captain America Comics #1Batman #1early DetectivesArchie #1Avengers #4 9.6FF #1 7.0Spider-Man #1Flash Comics #1 and many more.

We here at ComicConnect pride ourselves on discovering hidden gems and acquiring the big-ticket collections so that we can provide the most valuable, rarest and highest-graded comic books to our loyal clientele. We wish you all the best of luck, and Happy Bidding!

Sessions 4 & 5 end at 7pm-12am EST on December 7th and 8th respectively.



Session 4 (Comic Titles: Action Comics #2 - Marvel Premiere)  December 7, 2017
Session 5 (Comic Titles: Marvel Premiere - Zip Comics)  December 8, 2017

Bidding begins Monday! Event Auction ends the week of December 4 - 8.
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