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Walking Dead #1

Walking Dead #1 CGC 9.9 Mint


When the word came down at our office that we had just acquired the highest-graded collection of The Walking Dead, there was a bit of a hubbub around the lunch table, without a doubt, one of our favorite topics of conversation is TWD. So, it was with great excitement that we opened boxes and boxes of NM copies of this, the biggest and baddest book of the Modern Era. From the first six Tony Moore issues, to the stunning Charlie Adlard books to follow, there was a smorgasbord of TWD, enough to satisfy even the most rabid fans. We know full well that our customers will want to lay hands on these books, as the growth potential is enormous, the comic continues to sell in droves, and the two TV series inspired by the comic show no signs of slowing down. We know you are going to eat these books up like, well, entrails, brains, flesh, you get the point… 





Session 2 of this auction encompasses the entire collection of art and comics, beginning with the art.  Below we just have a sampling of the amazing collection of original art we have in this auction. 




While the now-iconic television series has enthralled millions, its origins began in illustration. Comic books are cinematic in structure, adapting them to the screen still proves problematic for many films and TV series. Some elements that work well in a comic book, read differently to a television audience. One major difference between the Walking Dead comic book and the television series is the character of Daryl Dixon, a rogue archetype that captured the viewing public from the beginning with a trusty crossbow, a cool motorcycle, and his rude dude 'tude. Neither he nor his brother, Merle, were ever featured in the illustrated pages of the comics. This collection is a rare opportunity to own production artwork from the talented John Watkiss, featuring alternative concepts of previously known characters from the comics and new ones created only for the TV show.  
Image Comics' creator-driven formula breathed new life into graphic literature in the 90s. Many of the most-popular titles for contemporary comic readers find their roots in Image. They broke the mold again with The Walking Dead. Upon its release in 2003, The Walking Dead picked up in popularity, gradually gaining a cult following up until 2010, when it won the Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series alongside the announcement of the TV series that would soon become a runaway success, ensuring boosted sales for years to come. The popularity of TWD has exploded with merchandising that eclipses all modern titles. Walker-love is global and collectors are eager to snatch up rare items as new generations compete in the hunt for living dead treasures. 
And also some amazing Walking Dead #100 custom sketch covers featuring: Mark Texeira, Marc Wolfe, Todd Nauck, Tim Seeley, Jason Reeves, Stuart Sayger, Darick Robertson, Gabriel Rodriguez, Ron Chan and Michael Walsh.
Session 2 is chock full of the Walking Dead and other modern goodies. Do not miss out! 
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