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Walking Dead #1

Walking Dead #1 Pg. 3 by Tony Moore

Interior pages for The Walking Dead drawn by artist Tony Moore are available for bidding in ComicConnect’s current Event Auction XXXIV. Moore only illustrated the first six issues of the series before leaving the book. Due to his early tenure, he is responsible for rendering the first appearances of many characters who are integral to the Walking Dead franchise such as Rick, Lori and Carl Grimes.

“The Walking Dead has become one of the biggest, non-superhero, comic book franchises on Earth,” said Andrew Sanford, ComicConnect Sales Associate. “This is the second round of Walking Dead artwork we’ve put up for auction and we expect it to do even better than the last.” In December 2017, a page of Tony Moore’s work sold for $10,600 while another went for $27,000, both through a ComicConnect Auction.

Fans can not only bid on artwork from Moore but several others as well. In addition to original pages drawn by current artist Charlie Adlard, bids are open for pieces by Jim Rugg, Matthew Kirscht, Cliff Rathburn, and Chris Giarrusso. The Walking Dead television series is also well represented with preliminary production art by John Watkiss.

“We worked hard to curate a veritable feeding frenzy for our buyers” said Vincent Zurzolo, COO of ComicConnect. “Excitement surrounding The Walking Dead is always tremendous but with the diversity of artwork that is being offered, this Event Auction is sure to elevate the ardor to peak prominence.”
Bids can be placed until the auction begins closing at 7:00 PM EDT on March 19th, 2018.





While the now iconic television series has enthralled millions, its origins began in illustration. While comic books can be quite cinematic in structure, adapting them to the screen still proves problematic for many films and tv series. For instance, certain elements that worked great for the comic, might read differently to a television audience. This collection of production art is a rare opportunity to own official Walking Dead artwork from the talented John Watkiss, featuring alternative concepts of previously known characters and scenes from the comics and new ones made only for the TV show.
John Watkiss (1961-2017) was a British artist, known for his painting and his work in comics and film production. His career led him from cover artist for graphic novels to storyboard artist and character designer. The artist has collaborated with numerous high profile studios on projects including Tarzan, Atlantis, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and Sherlock Holmes. Watkiss' work has been featured in the British National Portrait Gallery and The Ford Motor Company Museum.

And also some amazing Walking Dead #100 custom sketch covers featuring: Steve Bryant, Stuart Sayger, Menton Matthews, Mark Sparacio, Jenny Frison, Khoi Pham.


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