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Ruben Blades has been collecting comics since he was a youngster in Panama.

“My mother threw most of them away.  When I turned 18, I did not continue buying comics. Other things became more relevant.”

But in 1974 at the age of 26, Blades arrived in NYC and that is when his passion for comics was rekindled. When walking around West 57th Street and the corner of 8th Avenue, Ruben found a used comic book store.  He went into the store, and when he came back out, he was holding a Four Color 29.

“That got me hooked again, and I began collecting in earnest.”

Blades dedicated himself to completing specific runs, and those which consisted of the most esoteric titles.

“My interests were not like those of most collectors. I was not so concerned with condition per se, just in completing the run. I was not a cork sniffer so as a result, my books are not generally in the high quality ranking, although there are many that are simply the best in the CGC census, or are in the 7 through 10 Gerber rarity index.”

Overall, it is difficult to find someone who has completed as many varied runs of titles as those that you will find in the Blades collection. The list goes on and on, and includes complete runs of Four Color (“with no ads in the back cover”, adds Blades), Blue Bolt, Target, Comics on Parade, Four Favorites, Large Feature, Feature Books, Magic Comics, More Fun and Keen Detective Comics.  Of course, it also includes Holy Grail items like Action Comics 1 and Detective Comics 27.

“I wasn’t interested in well-known titles at the beginning. I was looking for Wow 1-4 and NN Dick Tracy.”

Now, after more than 30 years of chasing titles, Blades feels it is time to pare down the collection. “Slowly I will sell the books to other collectors, and will concentrate in other areas. There are simply too many books to handle, and once the runs were completed my goal was satisfied.  It has been fun and I met a lot of nice folks on the way.”

About Ruben Blades

Ruben is known all over the world for his roles in movies such as Predator 2, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, The Last Fight, The Devil’s Own, Color of Night, Cradle Will Rock, and most recently, Safe House. He is also a legendary and multi-award winning musician in Latin America, where his song “Patria” (Fatherland) is considered a second national anthem in his homeland of Panama.  It is in Panama where Ruben achieved 18% of the national vote during his 1994 run for presidency, and later in 2004, was appointed Minister of Tourism. Ruben also attained his degrees in political science and law at the Universidad Nacional de Panama, and later earned his Masters of International Law at Harvard.

Click Here to go directly to the Ruben Blades Collection in our Summer 2012 Event Auction